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Address of Chief Justice


Hon’ble Judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan;

Honorable Chief Justice and Judges of High Court of Balochistan

President and office bearers of the Pishin Bar Association;

Members of the Bar;

Distinguished Guests;

Ladies and Gentlemen;


It is a pleasure for me to be the chief guest at the reception hosted by the Pishin Bar Association in my honour on the eve of my visit to Balochistan in connection with the hearing of cases at Supreme Court Branch Registry, Quetta including the important case relating to law and order situation in the Province. I am grateful to the members of the Pishin Bar Association for providing me the opportunity to address the judicial and the legal fraternities of Pishin and its surrounding areas gathered over here.

It is always gratifying to be among the members of the bench and bar and more particularly when I happen to be among my own folk, the people of my native town Quetta and its surroundings. It affords me the opportunity to share ideas and information about the system of administration of justice and other issues relating to judiciary with a view to finding possible solutions for the same. Moreover, as per my previous commitment to the bars of Balochistan, the Supreme Court has constituted its Bench in Quetta in less than a month’s time and I assure you that in future as well the benches of the apex court will be constituted here off and on.

The Bench and the Bar, being the two proverbial wheels of the chariot of justice, are inseparable, inter-linked and inter-connected, so to make the vehicle of justice smoothly run, there has to be a perfect cooperation and coordination between them. I am delighted that the Bar has been proactively playing its role in upholding the rule of law and ensuring supremacy of the Constitution in the country with great commitment and dedication.

They have made great sacrifices in ensuring independence of the judiciary by standing firm and resolute against the arbitrary and unconstitutional acts and actions of the then dictator taken by him on 3rde November, 2007 and made possible the restoration of the judiciary in the historic lawyers’ movement. Yet greater vigour and strength was put in by the members of the civil society, the media personnel and the general public with equal zeal and zest.

It is a tragic paradox of our time that the people of Balochistan, which is a land enriched with abundant natural resources are suffering unimaginably, but various agencies of the Government, who are supposed to perform their functions and duties and exercise their powers and authority in the best public service, have not risen to the challenges confronting them in the wake of deteriorating law and order situation in the Province, wherein the life and property of the citizens has been rendered insecure.

The prevailing practices of abduction and kidnapping for ransom; brutal and extra-judicial killings; enforced disappearances; and bad law and order situation; all ensued from utter disregard of the constitutional and legal responsibilities by the State agencies and law enforcement bodies.

The State is duty bound to ensure fundamental right of ‘life’ to every person living within its domain irrespective of place, caste, colour and creed. Unfortunately the concerned State functionaries have badly failed to perform their constitutional and legal duties, thus turning the peaceful province of Balochistan to a war zone and placing it under the shadow of guns.

It is time that the State functionaries should play active role by adopting concrete measures for the establishment of peace in Balochistan as mere heavy deployment of armed forces, FC, Levies and Agencies can serve no purpose. We are here to give them a wakeup call, because it is a duty cast upon this Court by the Constitution, so that they mitigate poverty, foster economic growth and improve law and order situation.

We could not remain oblivious of the phenomenon of brutal killings and disappearance of human beings at the behest of certain elements for their vested interests. We have all our sympathies with the innocent families of all those who either lost their lives or disappeared suddenly but whose whereabouts were not known to their families, who continue to wait for their safe return, though with great concerns, doubts and fears. In this hard time, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, being the ultimate protector of the fundamental rights of people cannot remain a silent spectator and it has and it will always come to the rescue of persecuted people by rendering justice to them strictly in accordance with law. However, it has to be borne in mind that the Supreme Court of Pakistan being one of the organs of the State cannot perform the constitutional duties of executive and legislature.

The goal of establishment of rule of law can be achieved only where all the State organs perform their respective functions within their constitutional domains. I am hopeful that the other two organs of the State will also join hands with the judiciary in bringing peace in the region. I also encourage the members of the legal fraternity to play their role in guiding and helping the families of the deceased and disappeared persons as both the bench and the bar have the common goal of administering and facilitating fair dispensation of justice.

Fair Justice is a norm that acts as panacea for all criminal acts and social evils. I am hopeful that the Bench and the bar will succeed, Inshallah, by adopting and following the constitutional and legal path and mechanism in combating and curbing the anti-State and anti-people elements in Balochistan. I am sure, with the support and cooperation of the Bar, the media, the members of the civil society and the general public, one day our country and the Province of Balochistan will see the dawn of peace and harmony and this day I am sure will come soon.

Thank You.

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