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Over 70% of Antibiotics Are Used Unnecessarily in Pakistan: Head of NIH

Officials and experts have revealed worrying statistics about the frequent use of antibiotics by the Pakistani people.

According to the acting head of the National Institute of Health (NIH), Dr Muhammad Salman, over 70 percent of antibiotics are used unnecessarily in Pakistan for the treatment of self-limiting diseases.

He added that such a frequent use of antibiotics leads to antimicrobial resistance (AMR), making them less effective against microorganisms that cause diseases.

Dr Salman advised against treating common diseases such as flu, cold, and other minor health complications with antibiotic medicines.

Speaking on the occasion, infectious diseases specialist, Dr Ejaz Ahmed Khan, said that the frequent and unnecessary use of antibiotics has made certain medicines ineffective.

He stated that such patients are then forced to rely on expensive medicines to treat chronic infections, costing thousands of rupees.

The head of the infectious diseases department at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Dr Nasim Akhtar, also shared her thoughts on the matter. She termed vaccination as the most effective option for the prevention of infectious diseases.

Dr Nasim also urged the prevents to get their kids vaccinated against over a dozen diseases that can be prevented through vaccination.

Dr Mumtaz Ali Khan, Principal Scientific Officer (PCO) at NIH Islamabad, stated that they are putting all their efforts into raising awareness about AMR, which has caused thousands of deaths across the world.

Source: Pro Pakistani