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Chicken Prices See a Sudden Massive Drop Across the Country

The Pakistan Poultry Association announced on Tuesday a decrease in chicken prices in local markets across the country. Currently, chicken meat is retailing at Rs. 470 per kg, reflecting a decrease of Rs. 78 per kg.

According to the association, there has been a significant decline of Rs. 227 per kg in chicken prices over the past three weeks. Furthermore, the price of chicks has also dropped to Rs100 from the previous Rs220.

In Lahore chicken meat is available at Rs 438 per kg, in Islamabad, it is Rs 500 per kg, in Quetta it is Rs 330 per kg, in Karachi chicken meat is being sold at Rs 600 per kg, and in Peshawar, the boiler chicken meat is available at Rs 330 per kg.

In response to the situation, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has pledged to address consumer concerns regarding inflated chicken prices. She has initiated stringent measures targeting poultry farmers and traders, obtaining stock data from stakeholders to investigate the sudden price hike.

The decrease in prices is attributed to a reduc
tion in demand and due to extreme hot weather, prompting poultry owners to adjust their prices accordingly.

Source: Pro Pakistani