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Yogen Fruz: The One and Only Real “Frozen Yogurt”

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SAO PAULO, May 5, 2011 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ –

The world’s leading frozen yogurt franchise, Yogen Fruz – http://www.yogenfruz.com, is excited to announce that they are officially, based on findings found by www.Proteste.org.br and reported in O Globo, the only frozen yogurt brand based on the new standards for food titled as “Frozen Yogurt.” Laboratory tests that were conducted, confirmed evidence that Yogen Fruz is the only brand that serves real frozen yogurt. This discovery will be the instrument for major changes to yogurt production as well as how frozen yogurt is globally defined, and Brazil now leads the charge for countries around the world, to follow the same path to uphold product standards.

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Over the past several weeks, Brazil led the way with specialized laboratory tests that were performed on product taken as samples from eight top frozen yogurt companies. The yogurt companies had their products’ nutritional contents analyzed, and these nutritional authorities ultimately declared that Yogen Fruz was the only subject to hold the true title of “Frozen Yogurt.” By definition, “FroYo” epitomizes a frozen dessert made from and containing yogurt or other dairy products that must include lactic acid, cultures and moderate amounts of sugar. As the only subject whose ingredients meet every requirement to fulfill the “FroYo” category, Yogen Fruz is not only a nutritious snack; but also, a healthier alternative to standard ice cream. In addition, Yogen Fruz is one of only two chains that offer a visible list of ingredients to their customers worldwide.

“We are very grateful for our loyal customers and look forward to providing them with the healthiest and most wholesome frozen yogurt served around the world, and are proud of the findings in the laboratory tests. We hope these findings will push other governments around the world to take the same initiative to protect the consumer from false claims in advertising within the frozen yogurt category,” explains Aaron Serruya, President of Yogen Fruz.

For 25 years, Yogen Fruz has remained committed to positioning itself as the world leader in the frozen yogurt category and providing healthful desserts for customers around the world. Now with even more wholesome clout, Yogen Fruz will continue to serve its signature healthy treat that fits into any normal eating routine for people living a healthy lifestyle. The low calorie count makes it the perfect healthy dessert or on- the-go snack for customers on the go.

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