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Tim Hortons is Launching Its First Outlet in Islamabad

Canada’s coffeehouse and restaurant chain, Tim Hortons, has decided to open its first outlet in Islamabad, and its fifth in the country. It will be situated in Islamabad’s DHA (Defense Housing Authority) Phase-II ‘Central Park’.

This would be Timmy’s first outlet outside of Punjab’s capital, Lahore. Currently, Tim Horton’s has four branches in Lahore, while it is trying to open up in various cities of Pakistan.

The new branch in Islamabad is being launched in DHA Phase-2’s ‘Central Park’, which is one of the biggest roundabouts in Asia. Central Park has multiple international food chains, and Timmy’s would be the latest addition to that list.

There is no official date for the launch of the coffee shop, but from the behind-the-scene video, it looks like the opening will take place in a few days.

When Tim Hortons was launched in Lahore, the first day sales broke the record for most sales in a single-day in the 61 years of existence of Tim Hortons. Over 13,000 people bought food items from Tim Horton’s when they opened up at around 7:30 AM and closed at 11:00 PM.

People were still waiting in line when the shutters closed at 11 PM (shutters closed due to the government’s restriction), or the record could’ve stood even taller.

Source: Pro Pakistani