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Sri Lankan Investors to Discover the Business Potential of Pakistan at the International Investors Conference

Islamabad: The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) in collaboration with the Pakistan Board of Investment is organizing “International Investors Conference” for the promotion and enhancement of investment and trade ties between Pakistan and participating countries including Srilanka, says a press release received here today from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The Conference will be held in Islamabad, on December 9-11, 2011 under the theme “Discover the Business Potential of Pakistan.” The objective of the Meeting is to build and strengthen effective public-private partnership mechanisms for capacity building, through enhanced networking, entrepreneurial mentorship and information exchange between and among trade policy-makers, investment promotion agencies, relevant multilateral organizations, research and academic institutions as well as private sector partners. The policy of Government of Pakistan on foreign investment and trade would be highlighted, including Privatization and Regulatory Programme, etc.

Pakistan is the 2nd largest trading partner of Sri Lanka within the South Asian region. Sri Lanka was the first country to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Pakistan. Under FTA, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have agreed to offer preferential market access to each others’ exports by way of granting tariff concessions.

The level of bilateral trade between Pakistan and Sri Lanka increased as a result of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Trade between the two countries increased from US$ 150 million to over US$ 300 million during the last three years, as it doubled within a short period of time with the positive support gained from the FTA.

It is expected that a large number of key personalities from Srilanka and other parts of the globe and dignitaries, businessmen, industrialists, investors, UN Agencies, International Organizations/Banks and Financial Institutions would attend the Forum.

The event will give the participating countries an opportunity and a platform for economic and business activities that will engage them in commercial dialogue, networking with their counterparts from Pakistan for exchanging views on current economic trends and establishing business relationships with a wide spectrum of industries for advancing trade-led economic growth.

The International Investors Conference shall provide a unique business gathering for region-wide business networking, partnership building and dialogue among the Pakistan business community, Government, Civil Society, Banks and Financial Institutions and their foreign counterparts on how to create an enabling environment for sustainable business growth.

A comprehensive agenda will include analysis of investment opportunities, joint venture project development and future commercial prospects in Pakistan. The Programme will provide an important business tool, providing the participants including Sri Lankan investors with the appropriate information needed to look at new investments and expand existing ones.

Sri Lanka and Pakistan have also signed the Bilateral Investment treaty in December 1997, which came into force in January 2000 after ratification. In addition a memorandum of understanding between Board of Investment Pakistan and Board of Investment Sri Lanka has also been signed in February 2007 for strengthening of cooperation in all the sectors of investment of both countries.

This MoU provides support to the enterprises on both sides and encourages them to invest in both countries. The two Boards of Investment also practice sharing of information on investment polices and projects and encourage exchange of expertise.

The International Investors Conference shall not be a one way platform only for talks and discussions, but it shall be an event for interaction. It will gather businessmen face to face with the concerned project sponsors and potential investors. The International Investors Conference will bring together enthusiasm with experience and will combine creative ideas with financial acumen.

It will provide the businessmen opportunity to meet and develop long term relations with Pakistan and their counterparts from the other countries including Sri Lanka. It is rarely that such a great number of experts, Government officials, financial agencies and leaders of private sector meet in one place.

For identification of industrial joint venture projects from Pakistan and presentation and negotiation at the Conference with the co-operating partners and financial institutions, a Project Profile Form has been prepared.

A preliminary list of projects giving the project title, capacity, total investment cost, and type of assistance sought, study if available and address of sponsor/promoter will be provided to the participants. On the basis of individual interests, prospective foreign investors can be supplied, on request, with Project Profiles.

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