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Shamim Shawl shares agony of Kashmiris with world

Srinagar, June 14, 2016 (PPI-OT):Kashmiri woman representative Shamim urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to take immediate action against the inhuman treatment meted out to the Kashmiri people at the hands of Indian forces in occupied Kashmir.

Shamim Shawl was speaking at the 32nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council under item 2 in Geneva.

In her address she said:

We believe in and orderly transition in the path of maintenance of peace in the world for a better social and economic order. The place where from I come finds no mention in your address. The sufferers need an acknowledgement that they are not forgotten as they are also a part of the global fraternity — world where every men women and child have the right to live a life without fear — where there are all freedoms of life and no threat — where protection ,promotion education development is essential — Respect and support is basic responsibility of all.

But, these are all dreams what we believe but what my people are facing is difficult to narrate they are living a life with fear and insecurity , where lawlessness is rule of law.

Where 7,000,000 forces are living in schools educational institutions hotels private houses to watch the daily activities of common individuals — where death is dancing in every street and corner of villages cities/ where children are shot dead during playing cricket — where international law is rejected by AFSPA — where family AND social values are ruined search operations and by killings kidnapping and disappearances by curfews — where performing religious activities is prohibited search operations of masques private houses schools is daily practice.

Where point blank shooting on peaceful protesters and teenagers is common phenomenon — where killing women is allowed and a university student Shaista is a test case for this council — political prisoners are kept with criminals killers and with drug addicts without any basic facility — where jail is death cell and place of punishment — where families of political prisoners are more suffering than these individuals who are in jails , these families are punished by travelling from one state to another to visit the prisoners.

Mr. President! The ugly face of legal system of Indian democracy is that the old age parents after travelling days are not allowed to meet their loved ones and are returned back without any hope.

We urge this house to take immediate action against this inhuman treatment and allow people of Kashmir to exercise their right of self determination.

Meanwhile, Kashmiri representative Syed Faiz Naqshbandi during his meeting with Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations in Geneva stressed the need for implementation of World Body’s resolutions on Kashmir to avert threat to peace in South Asia.

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