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Prime Minister urges to accelerate poverty alleviation programs

Karachi, November 10, 2016 (PPI-OT): The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has invited the attention of the Prime Minister (PM ) Nawaz Sharif to the hard times faced by the very low income sector and urged him to direct the ministry of finance to accelerate support for poverty alleviation scientifically through all social communities of muslims and non muslims to develop programs for poverty alleviation in a scientific manner and offer serious help to poverty alleviation committees of different communities as suggested by experts.

Zulfikar Thaver chairman Capacity Building Committee of NFIS and president UNISAME said it is very important to work from grass root level and the micro level to alleviate poverty. Although UNISAME is ever ready to help the communities in creating occupations for self employment and also willing to arrange for non obligatory loans without mark up for deserving persons willing to work hard and start business by self employment which is the only answer for poverty alleviation. The help and support of the government is crucial and the sector deserves the immediate kind attention of the PM he said.

The poverty line of a family as determined by the experts due to very high cost of living and inflation is considered as Rs 30000 per month as they said a family which generates income below Rs 30000 is barely able to survive by paying rent, school fees, medical expenses, utilities and kitchen expenses and other requirements of clothing.

He appealed to the rich members of all communities to strategically alleviate poverty by providing vocational guidance and facility for self employment to at least one family member to start a home based business. Thaver requested the social workers, Muslim Raza Rawjani and Muhammad Abbas Badami to prepare a list of occupations and small businesses which could be started by the micro entrepreneurs to generate income to support the under priveleged families and help them come out of the financial difficulties.

He appreciated the role of some communities who are doing remarkable work and recommended their model to others. Thaver said next week he would invite members of different communities one by one and motivate them to work in this direction.

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