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Press Release on the Meeting of the Federal Cabinet

Islamabad: The Federal Cabinet met today under the Chairmanship of the Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani at the Governor House Lahore.

The Cabinet offered Fatiha for the Shuhada (martyrs) of the Salalah check post in Mohmand Agency.

The Cabinet condemned the NATO/ISAF attacks on Pakistani soldiers and termed them as an assault on the sovereignty of Pakistan.

The PM took the Cabinet into confidence on the decisions of the Defence Committee of the Cabinet (DCC). The Prime Minister stated that there could be no compromise on Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity nor on the nation’s resolve to safeguard its frontiers no matter what the cost.

After extensive deliberations, the Cabinet unanimously took the following decisions:-

1) The Cabinet appreciated the prompt initiative of the Prime Minister to convene an emergency meeting of the DCC.

2) Endorsed the statement and decisions of the DCC emergency meeting.

3) The Cabinet noted with satisfaction that the decisions of the DCC, which include immediate closing of NATO/ISAF logistic supply lines and asking the United States to vacate the Shamsi Air Base within fifteen days, stand implemented.

4) Endorsed also the decision of the DCC to review Pakistan’s cooperation with the US/NATO/ISAF and regretted that despite Pakistan’s continued efforts to play a positive role for stability and peace in countering terrorism and militancy in the region, the sacrifices of the nation have not been recognized.

Actions such as these attacks were contrary to the spirit of partnership and business as usual was no longer possible.

5) Prime Minister also took the Cabinet into confidence of referring this incident to the Parliamentary Committee on National Security. The recommendations of the Committee will be submitted before the Joint sitting of the Parliament.

6) The Cabinet called upon the international community to take due cognizance of such attacks which constitute a violation of the UN Charter principles, international law and could have serious repercussions for regional peace and security. It was imperative that all sides realize the gravity of the situation and exercise utmost restraint.

7) The Cabinet reaffirmed Pakistan’s support for stability and peace in Afghanistan and the importance of an Afghan led, Afghan owned process of reconciliation and expressed the hope that the international community will reaffirm its support for peace and development in Afghanistan at the forthcoming Bonn Conference. Pakistan looks forward to the success of this Conference but in view of the developments and prevailing circumstances has decided not to participate in the Conference.

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