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President affirms Pakistan’s resolve in permeating Braille

President Dr. Arif Alvi has affirmed Pakistan’s resolve in permeating Braille, enabling visually impaired persons to enjoy hassle-free access to healthcare, education, and employment.

In his message on the World Braille Day on Wednesday, he emphasized on creating awareness about Braille as a writing system for blind and partially sighted persons. He also called for providing important information in accessible formats in audio and Braille format to all the visually impaired persons.

The President said this day reminds us to use Braille for imparting education, knowledge and information to the visually impaired persons. This will ensure their economic and financial empowerment, create resilience in them against poverty, marginalization, violence, neglect and abuse and give them the access to water, sanitation and hygiene, health care, mental health and psycho-social support and an inclusive workplace.

The President stressed the need for labeling all products in markets with Braille and ensure the reach of visually impaired persons to resources like Web Pages, social media sites, emails and other means of electronic communication, education and entertainment by integrating text-to-speech and audiobook technology into smartphones and computers.

Source: Radio Pakistan