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Poor citizen shedding tears of blood upon overbilling of K-Electric: Muhammad Yameen

Karachi, August 25, 2016 (PPI-OT):Poor Citizen Shedding Tears of Blood upon Overbilling of K-Electric, they took a daily bread or pay the excess bill, said Federal Ombudsman’s Advisor Muhammad Yameen. He was Hearing Complaints against overbilling of K.E. at Deputy Commissioner Malir’s camps office. He said that poor citizen are already facing lots of problems while K.E. broke their back, they come here shedding tears and go back with a smile, this is one and only authority where there is no need of advocate or their fee, applicant submits his application himself and get quick justice.

Applicant Asif Iqbal told the Ombudsman Court that he is labour and his wife work in homes, how he could he pay the excess bill, K-Electric men comes daily to his home, make him upset while he is dishonoured in locality, do justice with me. The Court directed the representative of K.E. to reform their behaviour and upended the excess bill. Applicant Abdul Nasir told that he is receiving excess bill since last 7 months, he goes to K.E. office but staff does not hear his complaint and force him to pay the excess bill, for god sake order to K.E. to send the bill as per meter reading, the court took action and upended the excess bill and ordered to check the load.

Applicant Muhammad Taqi told with extreme grievance that he has received bill of July amounting Rs. 45974/- although he has regularly been paying the bill, he requested to the court to get rid him of cruelty of K-Electric. Upon which the court provided him justice and upended the excess bill.

Applicant Gohar Perveen told the court that she has continuously been receiving excess bill for the months and this is enough, get rid her of cruelty of K.E, and correct bill should be sent her after doing survey, she told more that whatever excess amount received by K-Electric till now, should be adjust it in her account, the Court heard the report of K-Electric’s representative and upended overbilling and directed K-Electric to avoid sending the excess bills.

Applicant Muhammad Ali told that K-Electric send him the bill on approximation, when go to their office for complaining, their staffs is not ready to hear anything, it is requested to the Court to order K-Electric sending legitimate bill. The Court, with consultation of representative of K.E., ordered to correct his bill. Ombudsman Court also heard the applications of Qurban Ali, Mutahir Hussain and Faisal and decided their matter on the spot in favour of them whereupon there is a current of happiness among the people.

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