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Pakistan won United Nation Security Council seat despite many challenges, negative media campaign: speakers

Islamabad: Speakers at a function on Tuesday underscored the significance of Pakistan’s election to the UN Security Council, saying it materialized despite a host of challenges compounded by western media’s smear campaign against the country, says a press release received here today from Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the United Nation.

The occasion was a celebration of Pakistan’s victory at the world stage by SoudeView Broadcasting, a modern Pakistani-owned facility for launching international ethnic television channels in the United States and Canada.

A large number of Pakistani expatriates attended the function at which former Federal Minister and ex-Senator Javed Jabbar was the guest of honour and Pakistan’s acting permanent representative, Raza Bashir Tarar was the chief guest. Also participating was Pakistan’s Consul General in New York, Faqir Asif Hussain.

Welcoming the guests, Shafqat Chaudhry, president of SoudeView Broadcasting, extended his congratulations to the Pakistan Mission to the United Nations for its dedication and hard work that resulted in securing a non-permanent seat on the powerful 15-member Council.

He referred to a number of setbacks Pakistan had suffered over the years, but said the country and its people were resilient and would turn it around.

Jabbar, who also introduced his new book: “Pakistan – Unique Origins; Unique Destiny” on the occasion, said Pakistan’s victory was a tribute to the State of Pakistan and its hardworking people. “We are proud of this achievement.”

He said the success was the result of the independent foreign policy Pakistan has all along followed. Pakistan had defied pressures and forged close relations with China at a time when the People’s Republic was being isolated by western powers.

Pakistan had also extended full support to the Palestinians without any much reciprocity from several and Islamic and Arab countries on the Kashmir issue. The country had also played a leading role in the struggle to get a better international deal for developing countries.

Jabbar urged his compatriots not to be affected by the negative media campaign against Pakistan and to try to look at the total picture. A lot of progress was being made in various field and he was confident that Pakistan would overcome its difficulties.

Tarar, the acting permanent representative, recounted Pakistan’s role from the day it joined the world body. Pakistan had not only won elections to the Security Council several times, but also served at top positions in other parts of the UN system. Pakistan was also the highest contributor to the UN peacekeeping operations around the globe.

As a member of the Security Council, Pakistan would not only make its contribution in advancing peace and security in the world, but will also strive for pacific settlements of long-standing inter-state disputes.

Consul General Asif Hussain also congratulated the Pakistan’s Mission for its intense lobbying to secure a seat on UN’s high table. He said the victory was result of a team effort.

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