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Pak-Oman historical ties should be strengthened further through cooperation in every field: Jamali

Islamabad: The Acting Chairman Senate, Mir Jan Muhammad Khan Jamali has stressed the need to enhance the existing cooperation between Pakistan and Oman in political, judicial, economic and cultural domains in order to learn from each other’s experience.

Jamali emphasized the need for promoting people to people contacts at every level starting from common man to Parliamentarian, judges as well as business community. Jamali applauded the cordial and brotherly relations existing between Pakistan and Oman.

He added, “Pakistan and Oman are interlinked via historical, religious and cultural bonds having Islamic roots. These two friendly and brotherly nations must come even closer together for the sake of progress and prosperity of their peoples”. He was expressing these views while interacting with Omani Chief Justices’ delegation at Parliament House.

Responding the leader of Omani delegation Mr. Justice Sheikh Ishaq Bin Ahmed Bin Nasir Al Busaidi (The President of the Supreme Court of Oman) said that it’s high time that both the countries must speed up their cooperation in various fields and there should be more exchange of delegations belonging to different people working in diverse fields. He appreciated the efforts of Pakistanis working and living in Oman for contributing for the betterment of economy of Oman.

Jamali informed the delegates that Pakis tan is passing through development stages of Parliamentary democracy and we have very vibrant Parliament existing at the moment. He expressed the hope that continuity of democratic system in Pakistan will indeed lead to political stability in the country which will consequently result in economic and social progress.

Jamali also apprised the Omani delegates regarding the importance of 18th Constitutional Amendment and its far reaching effects on provincial autonomy and political culture of the country.

He told the delegation about the involvement of Parliament vis-à-vis appointment of judges of superior courts in order to make judicial process fair, transparent and above board. He said that only independent judiciary can guarantee justice in the society and can lead to ultimate success of a social system.

The Leader of House in the Senate, Syed Nayyar Hussain Bokhari also briefed the delegation about the efforts of the present government for strengthening rule of law and for the proper functioning of the pillars of the state nb sp; i.e. judiciary, legislature and executive in their constitutionally devised spheres.

The Omani delegation style also visited the Senate and National Assembly halls and they were apprised about the history of Parliamentary democracy in Pakistan. The Acting Chairman also hosted luncheon in the honour of visiting delegation.

The Omani Delegation included Vice President of the Supreme Court of Oman, Judge Supreme Court of Oman, Judge Court of appeal, Director (Office of the President of the Supreme Court of Oman) and Ambassador of Oman in Pakistan.

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