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National Book Day Message of the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Islamabad: I wish to compliment the Prime Minister and the government for declaring April 22 every year as the National Book Day. This decision will, no doubt, inculcate and promote the habit of book reading among the people. Books have been described by Charles Eliot as “the quietest, the most constant of friends” and the “most accessible and the wisest of counsellors and the most patient of teachers”. The observance of this day will serve to remind the people every year to keep company of the ‘wisest of counsellors’.
The decision to observe the National Book Day every year is yet another first by the present government. It demonstrates the importance the present government and the PPP attaches to promoting book culture in the country.

Indeed book is an integral part of PPP’s literary heritage. All elected Prime Minister of the PPP have themselves been authors and voracious readers of books. Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto cherished books gifted to her and used to gift autographed books as a token of her acknowledgement and appreciation. It was therefore natural that the lead to observe the National Book Day is also taken by the PPP. I also wish to congratulate the nation on this important occasion.

Technological advances have made possible e-books and e-publishing. But this new genre of books has not been able to replace the traditional publishing industry and the printed books. Readers still find printed books irreplaceable simply because they are irreplaceable. I believe that while valuable reading material will continue to be transferred to e-books the traditional publishing industry and the printed book will also keep flourishing.

On this occasion I call upon all Pakistanis of all ages, particularly the youth, to develop the habit of book-reading. By transporting a reader into the past as well as venturing a peep into the future a good book has the dramatic power to raise human consciousness to new heights. Book reading is also an enriching experience and a healthy and enjoyable pastime.

I once again greet the nation and the government on this occasion and hope that the observance of this day every year will have a salutary impact on the culture of book reading.

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