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Message of President on The Occasion of World Teachers Day

Islamabad: The World’s Teachers Day today, with the theme – ‘Teachers for Gender Equality’ is most relevant in present day context. It demands from us to strive hard for providing gender equality in our educational institutions.

The observance of the World Teachers’ Day today, therefore, should awaken us to realize our social responsibility and give the teachers in general and female teachers in particular their rightful place in the society.

In the scheme of education a teacher is like the thread that holds the beads together. No material investment in brick and mortar or in the laboratories and text books can replace the intellectual and spiritual stimulus that is provided by the teacher alone.

Women empowerment and gender equality is all about human rights that lie at the heart of development. Efforts for gender equality is the key to improve economic, political and social conditions in the country.

We are committed to stopping discriminatory practices against women and integrate them in the national mainstream. The Present democratic government recognizes the importance of women most particularly in education sector.

Our female teachers deserve a far greater recognition of the society in general and the government in particular. After Eighteenth Amendments now provincial governments have been entrusted to take steps for providing the teachers and most particularly to female teachers, conducive and congenial environment thereby making their lives comfortable. I am confident provinces would dispense with their obligations in a responsible manner.

I once again urge all stake holders, the civil society organizations and the people to play their role in restoring to the teaching profession its pristine glory and thereby serve the cause of education and enlightenment.

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