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Message from Mr. Asif Ali Zardari President Islamic Republic of Pakistan on International Human Rights Day

Islamabad: The International Human Rights Day, on every December 10th is a reminder to democratically conscious citizens to reiterate their commitment individually and collectively to make renewed efforts to promote a culture of tolerance, respect for human rights, diversity, and pluralism.

The theme of the Day this year “Celebrate Human Rights” underscores the fact that governments all over the world must regard enforcement of human rights as something to be celebrated and not endured and despised.

Celebrating human rights calls for defeating militancy so that our people do not have to endure the tyranny of religious apartheid and the dictate of a few individuals in the name of religion. Ending poverty and working towards equality and non-discrimination are necessary elements for creating a peaceful society. Let us reiterate our pledge to fight militancy and alleviate poverty to usher in peace and freedom for the true celebrations of human rights.

Our faith Islam also teaches us deep respect for rights of all human beings. It upholds the eternal values of equal rights, social justice and peace, and banishes discrimination on the basis of class, colour or creed.

The right to representation, to dissent, to justice and the right to food, clothing, shelter, education and health and the right to freely practice one’s religion are all parts of the basic human rights and a cause for celebration. The struggle of our people over the decades to achieve these rights is indeed commendable and is worth celebrating but much more also needs to be done.

Pakistan is a responsible State fully cognizant of its International Commitments. We have ratified, Convention Against Torture and International Convention on Civil and Political Rights and most of the reservations have been withdrawn with the exception of a few. Practical steps are being taken for the implementation of both the instruments.

Let us pledge on this day to strengthen forces of peace and democracy and resist violation of human rights at all levels to make Pakistan a peaceful and prosperous country. This is the way forward for laying a firm basis for the people to celebrate human rights in accordance with theme this year.

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