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Meeting held to formulate Energy Conservation measures for Islamabad

Islamabad, October 15, 2012 (PPI-OT): A meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Secretary Cabinet/Water and Power on October 15, 2012 to formulate Energy Conservation measures for implementation in Islamabad with immediate effect.

The proposed measures have been formulated as per the directions of the President of Pakistan, Prime Minister and Minister for Water and Power, to declare Islamabad as a Model City for energy conservation and to make it an environment friendly “Green City”.

The following proposals have been approved for implementation: –


There shall be an immediate ban on the use of illumination/decorative lights for all purposes in the city.

Street lights shall be regulated for a minimum usage (not more than 50%).

The use of Bill Boards/Neon signs shall be regulated to ensure that electricity consumption is minimized.

The lights in the markets shall be rationalized both inside and outside of the shops.

Holding social/official functions during day time rather than night time, to be encouraged. The use of electric heaters in offices/residences shall be discouraged.

Review of building codes for energy conservation for further construction.


Minimum use of Gas heaters/Geysers shall be encouraged.

Gas Geysers shall be used for specific timings.

Gas leakage should be reported and fixed on priority.

Complete ban on use of gas generators to be enforced.


Water wastage to be effectively checked in residential/commercial areas including washing of vehicles etc.

Efficient use of water in households through a media campaign.

Leakage of water through pipes etc. to be checked/repaired on priority.

The proposals are being adopted in consultation with all the relevant stakeholders including the concerned Ministries, Islamabad administration, CDA authorities etc. A committee to regulate the implementation of these measures under Additional Secretary Cabinet Division has been constituted.

An awareness raising campaign for public education regarding energy conservation is being launched through Government organizations, educational institutions and civil society organizations.

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