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Government focusing on issues of working class in country including poverty, unemployment, low wages, occupational safety, freedom of association and social protection: Asghar Ali Khan Junejo

Karachi, January 10, 2016 (PPI-OT): Mr. Asghar Ali Khan Junejo, Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh for Labour said that the present democratic government is focusing on the issues of the working class in the country including poverty, unemployment, low wages, occupational safety, freedom of association and social protection. It is committed to the promotion of decent working conditions in the country and ensuring effective social protection to the workers.

Mr. Asghar Ali Khan Junejo was the Chief Guest at a luncheon meeting hosted by Mr. Junaid Esmail Makda in his honour at SITE Association of Industry Office today. In his welcome speech of President, SITE Association of Industry, Mr. Junaid Esmail Makda highlighted the numerous issues relating to Labour affecting the industries of Karachi, the economic hub of Pakistan, and which are struggling to run their manufacturing and production activities. Earlier he introduced SITE Association of Industry which is the representative body of industries in the Sindh Industrial Trading Estate in District West, Karachi.

He said that after 18th amendment there is tough competition among the provinces. Though the implementation of the 18th amendment in terms of transferring subjects, functions, institutions, assets and projects was completed on 30th June 2011, some issues remain to be resolved.

He further said that in Karachi, there is negative growth for last many years; we should provide conducive labour polices which would be favourable for the both industrialists and labourers. We should promote industrialization and industrial peace as well as observance of labour laws and rules to increase the industrialization in the city.

There is need to provide better health and medical facilities to the secured workers and their dependents under SESSI. It is imperative that the services of Labour Department, Health, SESSI and other departments related to industries are streamlined to facilitate the industries of our SITE Industrial Area.

He also highlight that it would be most pragmatic that:

1. MOU is signed between Labour Department and SITE Association just for the reason while we talk and discuss several issues however due to lack of documentation and record these issues remain in the backburner and therefore once MOU is signed, things would start moving and being implemented.

2. Another important fact is that SITE Association has always been on the Board of SESSI but this time this is not so and therefore I appeal to Honourable Advisor to ensure that SITE Association must be included in the Board of the SESSI.

3. SITE Association should also be included in the Workers Welfare Board (WWB) and such Notification is kindly issued.

4. SITE Association should also be included in the Board of EOBI and such Notification is kindly issued.

5. SITE Association of Industry also desires to have joint venture with the Labour Department in the establishment of Hospital / Dispensary / School.

6. We also desire that the Labour Department forms a Joint Sub-Committee of inclusion of the SITE Association of Industry for resolving the issues affecting the industries most amicably. Monthly meeting of such Joint Sub-Committee should be held.

There are several other grievances which are enumerated below:

1. In case issuance of any Notice for inspection of SITE Industries, we request that copy of same be endorsed to SITE Association.

2. Target issued by Labour Department should be avoided by the concerned officer.

3. Labour Department should apprehend such agents who instigate and misguide the labourers at eating houses, dhabas etc.

4. Inspection of the Industries by the Labour Department Officials must be carried out only once a year.

5. One window operation of the Annual Inspection of Factories is strongly advocated by us instead of carrying out separately issues of factory safety; factory act; health; vigilance etc.

6. Fictitious Labour Unions must be discouraged and stopped from functioning.

7. In the industry, separate kind of works are involved for which we contract different kind of labourers and therefore these also should be regularized.

Mr. Asghar Ali Khan Junejo offered thanks to Industrialists to invite them and he assured his full cooperation to them for resolving the issues. He gave instructions to Secretary Labour and HRD to make a Committee of representatives of All Town Associations on immediate basis and arrange meetings on weekly basis.

He also ensures that a representative of SITE Association of Industry will be included in Governing body of SESSI next year. On the question raised by a member regarding Workers Welfare Board Funds and Education cess, the advisor assured the business community that he would examine the laws.

He also suggested to the industrialists to arrange a desk audit once in a year from Labour Department. Referring to complaints against inspection teams of SESSI and Labour department and other related departments demanding inspection of records, the advisor said that he has been considering seriously.

Mr. M. Zubair Motiwala said that the relations between Employer and Employee should be cordial and best so that industry runs smoothly. He further said that Labour / Valika hospital emergency and other departments not providing the facilities to the labour as per standard. He said that outside participation/ support to the labours should be banned because they do not provided good atmosphere among the employer and employees.

Dr. Arshad A. Vohra said that the Labour department during their inspections should check only concerned and related documents. He further said that Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) has been collecting huge amount of revenue from Karachi in which Karachi’s Contribution is 98%. The amount so collected from the Industrial areas of Karachi should be expanded for development of infrastructure of the area at least 10%.Share.

Mr. Jawed Bilwani said that SESSI and Labour department’s officers during inspection of factories say that they have targeted amount to be increased 5% to 10%. As you are well aware of the fact the condition of Industrial areas is decreasing day by day resulting in financial crisis and therefore this arbitrary increase in unbearable. Secondly they should check only concerned and related documents.

It was a large gathering. Besides the leaders of business community, Mr. M. Zubair Motiwala, Dr. Arshad A. Vohra, Mr. Tariq Yousuf, Mr. M. Jawed Bilwani, Former Chairmen, Mr. M. Arif Lakhani, Senior Vice President, Mr. Asad Nisar Burkhurdaria, Former (SVP) Mr. Junaid M. Siddiq, Former (VP), Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhry, Chairman APTPMA, Mr. M. Iqbal Godil, Mr. M. Farhan Ashrafi, Mr. M. Anis Mandavia, Mr. Naeem Ahmed Khan, Members Executive Committee, Government officials viz Mr. Abdul Rasheed Solangi, Secretary Labour and HRD, Mr. Ayo Khan Mari, Managing Director SITE Limited, Mr. Asif Ali Memon , Vice Commissioner SESSI, Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Suhag, Director Labour, were also present. They took active part in the deliberation and made the meeting very live and successful.

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