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European Union Representative Visits Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Karachi: European Union (EU) representative Mr. David Tirr, Head of Unit (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Maldives) visited the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on Saturday, November 26,2011and held a meeting with Mr. Muhammad Akbar Khan, Acting-President FPCCI. During the meeting several issues were discussed including GSP+ and EU concession of 75 items of export from Pakistan to European Union.

Mr. Muhammad Akbar Khan, Vice-President, welcomed the EU representative and said that Pak – EU relations is of immense importance for both. The European Union remains Pakistan’s largest trading partner receiving 18 % of Pakistan’s exports and providing 9% of its total imports.

The overall volume of trade between the EU and Pakistan is worth 8256 million with a trade surplus of US $ 729 million in Pakistan’s favour. Pakistan’s trade with the EU is mainly composed of textiles, which account for over 55% of the total Pakistani exports, followed by leather products. Pakistan’s export structure lies very much on a traditional product mix.

There is scope for mutual beneficial commercial activities both ways. Textile and clothing is an important sector for Pakistan – EU relations. He further told that current situation in Pakistan is known to the world particularly EU because EU is being well wisher thus Investors of EU countries to participate in the Investor Conference going to be held from 9 to 11 December this year. He further stated that this would increase investment inflow in Pakistan. During the discussion India and Pakistan Trade was also discussed.

Mr. Masood Alam Rizvi, Secretary General FPCCI, briefed about the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Mr. David EU, Head of Unit, told that it is important for us to contact with business people in Pakistan. we have change EU since new treaty of Lisbon and we have spread about trade. He also assured the participation of EU delegation in FPCCI Investment conference. He further added that Pakistan is an important partner with very good potential.

He informed that Pakistan is 52nd EU trading partner with lot of potential and 6th largest cotton country for this reason we negotiate with Pakistan. in past Pakistan was primarily treating as to develop it but we will cover all relations, political dialogue, human rights, training and capacity building etc. he also acknowledged the importance of Karachi and said that Karachi is business hub what businessmen think is important. Mr. David told that we have to first change perception and what is need is continuity.

If we come out from the crises there will be further changes in EU. It is good to see from Pakistani business community that you are doing well in business with friends. He also told that he is aware of the devastating flood.

Mr. Waseem Vohra, Chairman FPCCI Standing Committee on Investment informed about the coming FPCCI Investment Conference and its importance for Pakistan.

On a question of GSP+ EU Representative Mr. David told that implementation of 27th Convention is essential for granting this gift it is not international agreement it is a gift for developing countries.

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