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Deputy PM invites companies to establish processing plants in Balochistan

Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar has invited the companies to establish processing plants in Balochistan to produce value-added mineral products for domestic consumption and exports to China.

He was talking to Vice President of Minmetals and Chairman of Metallurgical Cooperation of China, Chen Jianguang, in Beijing.

He appreciated the longstanding partnership of Pakistan with Minmetal and MCC, and their contributions in executing important mining projects in Balochistan.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister underlined that export of copper to China from Pakistan has increased exponentially reaching 1.22 billion dollars in 2022 from 132 million dollars in 2018.

He underscored that the second phase of the CPEC aims at enhancing B2B collaboration between the private enterprises of the two countries.

He added that CPEC provides Minmetals and MCC with access to modern transport infrastructure to enhance logistical efficiency and reduce transportation costs for both raw materials and finished products.

ource: Radio Pakistan