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Concern Regarding the Election in Gabon

The United States is deeply concerned regarding unfolding events in Gabon. We take note of the results released by the electoral commission and urge all sides to temper their rhetoric and encourage their supporters to remain calm. We also urge all security forces to act with both restraint and respect for the human rights of all Gabonese citizens.

Elections must credibly reflect the will of the people. We call on the Gabonese Government to release results for each individual polling station. This will help give the people of Gabon, as well as the international community, confidence the announced vote tallies are accurate. Anyone seeking to challenge the results must do so peacefully and in accordance with Gabon’s legal justice system.

Gabon is at a critical juncture. This is the time for all leaders there to act in a way that safeguards those who live in Gabon. We continue to monitor the situation closely.

Source: U.S. State Department

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