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Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah Holds Meeting with Traders and Businessmen Regarding Energy Conservation

Karachi: Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah today held a meeting with Business Community of Karachi to discuss closure of shops in the light of the National Energy Commission‘s recommendations.

Chief Minister Sindh has held earlier a meeting on 12th April and various business associations had expressed their views regarding the 08:00 p.m closure time. In the previous meeting the Business Community expressed displeasure over the 08:00 p.m closure and explained that the Karachi is an economic hub and retail markets of Karachi have practice of operating until late hours in the evening.

They expressing concern also registered complaints about law and order and Chief Minister took immediate notice of all complaints. During today’s meeting, the Business Community appreciated efforts of the Government and thanked to Chief Minister Sindh for his prompt directives to the Police resulting in visits of various markets by the Additional Inspector General of Police Karachi Mr. Akhtar Gorchani.

The Businessmen stressed upon Rangers vigilant along with the police as discussed in the previous meeting.

“This issue is not political and we must work together to resolve this national crisis of Energy” said by Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah.

Chief Minister Sindh explained the Businessmen Community that the need to ensure early closure in order to meet the energy shortage, being saved by the whole community. He appreciated that the sagacity of businessmen from Karachi who regardless of the disadvantages who are willing to cooperate with the Sindh Government for early closure.

Chief Minister Sindh along with Sindh Minister for Power Ms. Shazia Atta Marri, Mr. Rashid Rabbani and Mr. Zubair Motiwala had detailed discussion with representatives of Business Community including Mr. Siraj Qasim Teli.

Representatives of businessmen community who spoke the Karachi Business Community Mr. Majeed, Mr. Javed, Meer Ateeq, Mr. Idrees and others. The businessmen informed that they had constituted a committee of likeminded traders and were focusing on creating healthy Business atmosphere with a positive attitude. They expressed the will be allowed to purpose of All Karachi Anjuman-e-Tajran and assured that no negative elements foils the business environment or create rift among the ranks of various traders.

The participants suggested that keeping in mind the Karachi’s economic importance and current crisis, any time for early closure be announced in the light of ground realities explained. It was decided that the 08:30 p.m. would be considered as closure time, but no shop would be allowed to remain open after 09:00 p.m.

Mr. Siraj Qasim Teli suggested that a committee comprising of representatives of Business Community would be constituted to ensure the implementation of decision and requested the Chief Minister Sindh to also ensure that no representative of the Administration needlessly harasses the traders since the business community was willing to take the responsibility of implementation of the announcement.

It was further decided that any complaint about any harassment will be communicated to the competent authority. Minister Power suggested that the implementation committee would be approached if there was any complaint regarding non implementation of decision. During the meeting, the Business Community also raised the issue of KESC and registered problems about notices issued by KESC to various cottage industries on the pretext of load.

Chief Minister Sindh asked Business Community to provide details of this mentioned issue and ensured that he will take necessary steps to address the concerned issues regarding KESC action. The Chief Minister Sindh appreciated the role of Business Community and was satisfied that they are willing in the national spirit in order to address the challenges of energy.

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