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Bridging Gender Gap: Zong 4G’s Role in Empowering Women in Pakistan

The growing small business sector in Pakistan underscores its substantial potential for the country’s economy. The amalgamation of talent and innovation has led to the emergence of numerous noteworthy small businesses. However, the primary challenge faced by most small businesses today is the limited resources available for marketing and promoting their businesses to the appropriate audience.

Despite the immense potential of social media in building brand identities, there remains a need to promote small businesses to boost sales and attract customers, which can be an expensive endeavor across all social media platforms, leading business owners to rely on algorithms that do not always favor them.

To address this challenge, larger organizations can play a crucial role by offering small businesses resources that would otherwise be difficult for business owners to access, as part of their sustainability efforts. This not only fosters goodwill but also establishes an emotional connection between society and th
e organization, presenting larger organizations as integral parts of the community rather than outsiders.

Women-led small businesses in Pakistan are particularly affected by the lack of resources, as they often operate from their own homes, turning talent into products without access to the large operating stations and equipment necessary for production.

Zong 4G collaborated with five women-led small businesses: Northy Natural, Bellizi by Farah, MamaMia Meals,, and Scented Stories Candles, which, despite their substantial growth potential, were unable to expand due to a lack of marketing resources. As part of this initiative, Dr. Urooj, a renowned influencer in Pakistan, introduced a five-episode series on Instagram. In these episodes, she reviewed the products and services offered by each business, shared their inspiring backstories, and encouraged people to choose their products.

Dr. Urooj, who has a significant following on Instagram and earns through brand promotions, played a crucial role in pr
omoting these small businesses. Thanks to Zong 4G’s initiative and the support of a well-known social media personality, these businesses gained significant exposure to a wide audience, boosting their sales and promoting their growth.

Zong 4G was among the first organizations in Pakistan to adopt this approach under their ‘Inclusive Growth’ sustainability pillar, which focuses largely on marginalized communities, working diligently for their social and economic advancement through dedicated efforts and volunteer support.

In their most recent project, Zong 4G supported small businesses led by women who lacked resources for promoting their ventures. These businesses have the potential to grow and are driven by the strong determination of their owners to establish something of their own. Zong 4G assisted these businesses by engaging Dr. Urooj, a seasoned influencer, to develop content featuring these businesses.

Zong 4G’s initiative exemplifies how an organization can uplift small businesses and empower them
by leveraging available resources. This effort positions them as an organization dedicated to the betterment of society and the empowerment of people within the community.

Source: Pro Pakistani