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9th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition

Zhuhai, November 19, 2012 (PPI-OT): Curtains were lowered for the 9th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition here on Sunday with an impressive participation of Pakistani JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft for the second time in the show.

The 6-day exhibition, that was largely participated by customers and experts from aviation industry was declared closed by the Chairman of the Standing Committee of Zhuhai Municipality, Mr Wang Guangquan here this evening.

The Pakistan Air Force availed the opportunity very well by participating in the show to introduce to the outside world the capable JF-17 fighter aircraft which offers cutting edge technology at an affordable cost. A day before start of the exhibition, on November 12, The Pakistan Air Force along with CATIC, jointly won the coveted “Aerospace Laureate 2012 Awards” for working together on a successful aircraft development and production program. It was jointly received by the Chief Project Director JF-17 Programme Air Vice-Marshal Javed Ahmed and from Chinese side Mr. Li Pei, Chief Project Director of China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation (CATIC) in the presence of a large number of guests and media.

CATIC, is a large scale state-owned conglomerate with aviation products and technology import and export as its core business. Headquartered in Beijing, CATIC has 7 specialized companies and 10 regional subsidiaries in China and 56 overseas branches worldwide. With its total assets of up to RMB 24 billion and accumulated import and export volume of US $24 billion thus far, CATIC ranks among the first 20 of China’s top 500 enterprises for import and export.

“This is a big achievement and acknowledgement for Pakistan and China for cooperation in their joint effort for the promotion of aviation industry”, remarked Group Captain Tariq Mahmod, Director Media, Pakistan Air Force while talking to APP.

In addition to the impressive aerobatic and static display, PAF had also setup a stall at the exhibition, where the intending customers were briefed about the significant characteristics of the fighter plane and the weapons it can carry. Earlier last week, three JF-17 Thunders specially flew from an operational Base in Pakistan, stopped in two cities for refueling or due to inclement weather before reaching Zhuhai.

As the JF-17 roared in the sky for aerial display and aerobatic show, thousands of visitors, customers, experts and media persons were enthralled by skills of the PAF fighter pilots and performance of the aircraft. Pakistan Air Force contingent at Zhuhai was led by Air Vice Marshal Javaid Ahmed, who is also Chief Project Director for the JF-17 Programme.

The JF-17 made its debut at Farnborough Air Show in 2010, when two JF-17s flew all the way from Pakistan to Farnborough, UK. Four months later in Nov’10, three JF-17s flew over to China to participate in Zhuhai Air Show, where the aircraft made its first ever aerobatics display. In Jun’ 11, three JF-17s participated in aerobatics and static display in 100-years Celebrations of Turkish Air Force and subsequently three JF-17s also participated in Dubai Air Show in Oct’ 11. At all these Air Shows, the JF-17 attracted intense focus of visitors and international media.

The JF-17 Thunder is an all weather, multi-role, light combat aircraft that has the potential to be the main stay and work horse of any Air Force. The design of JF-17 aircraft is based on modern concepts of aerodynamics.

The aircraft is equipped with a digital fly-by-wire flight control system that gives it the agility in all regimes of the operational flight envelope. It has a complete glass cockpit, excellent man-machine interface and modern self–protection suite, which enhance combat potential and survivability of the aircraft.

It is equipped with fourth generation avionics systems, wide range of conventional and smart weapons, long range glide bombs, Beyond Visual Range and short range Air-to-Air missiles, Anti-Ship missile and Air-to-Surface missiles.

The aircraft requires remarkably short lengths of runway for take-off and landing, which offers flexibility of aircraft operations at short air strips. Shortly, the aircraft will also have Air-to-Air refueling capability, which will further enhance its combat potential and employment options.

The aviation exhibition featured 650 companies from China and other countries, with more than 100 plane-related products on show. The mayor thanked the PAF for sending its contingent to the show and praised the aircraft performance and serviceability during the show. He invited PAF to participate again at Zhuhai in 2014. The PAF team thanked the Chairman and the public of Zhuhai for their excellent hospitality.

For more information, contact:
Air Commodore Tariq Qamar Yazdanie TI (M)
Director Media Affairs
Pakistan Air Force
E-mail: pafdpr@paf.gov.pk
Tel: 051-9507751 and 051-9261300
Fax: 051-9260868

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