SNGPL Urges Petroleum Division to Help Settle Rs. 84 Billion Payment to PSO

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has urgently asked the Petroleum Division to help settle outstanding dues of Rs. 84 billion owed to Pakistan State Oil (PSO) by May 31, 2024.

This payment is crucial for clearing RLNG supplies and equalizing gas rates with SSGC, reported a national daily.

SNGPL faces financial strain in meeting RLNG and indigenous gas supply targets, having paid Rs. 41.5 billion to PSO but still owes Rs. 84 billion.

The plan for PSO payments relies on payment of outstanding dues from the power sector, SSGC, RLNG diversion subsidy, fertilizer sector subsidy, and normal collections. All of these receivables amount to roughly Rs. 84 billion.

SNGPL has appealed to all stakeholders to fulfill their commitments promptly to avoid disrupting the RLNG supply chain and defaulting on PSO payments. The gas supplier has urged the Petroleum Division to facilitate the payment of the outstanding amount in order to clear all payments owed to PSO.

Source: Pro Pakistani