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Nayatel Internet is Now More Affordable Than Ever!

Nayatel, a leading internet service provider in Pakistan, is making premium fiber internet even more accessible with over 70% reduction in signup costs.

Previously, the one-time cost of setting up a connection could be a barrier for some customers. However, the new offer reduces the ONT device charges from Rs. 22,000 to just Rs. 1,000 upfront. The rest of it is adjusted into a convenient installment plan of Rs. 700 per month.

With these revisions, setting up a Nayatel connection now costs only Rs. 5,950. Nayatel also offers free NAYA TV for one month, so you can stream your favorite shows without buffering. Enjoy 130+ live HD channels and over 2,500 videos on-demand on web, android TV, and mobile phones (android and iOS) simultaneously!

The residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad can benefit greatly from this offer, as they can now get a 20 Mbps connection for just Rs. 5,950. Similarly, residents from Punjab and Peshawar can also benefit from a 10 Mbps connection for just Rs. 5,450.

So, get your Nayatel co
nnection today and stream your favorite shows without breaking the bank. Head over to Nayatel’s website and learn more about their connection plans and offerings!

Source: Pro Pakistani