Zimbabwean Fan Seeks Revenge Against Pakistan After Hilarious ‘Mr. Bean’ Scam

Zimbabwean fan is looking for revenge against Pakistan in the next match of T20 World Cup 2022 after a Pakistani ‘Mr. Bean’ played a hoax on the Zimbabwean public.

Commenting on PCB’s tweet about the training session of the national squad ahead of the clash with Zimbabwe, a fan expressed fury against Pakistan. The fan told that he wanted Zimbabwe to take revenge on the cricket field for the scam pulled by ‘Pak Bean’ on the Zimbabwean public. He further explained that a Pakistan fraudster pretended to be the British actor, Rowan Atkinson, famously known as Mr. Bean. The ‘Pak Bean’ appeared at a cultural festival in Zimbabwe and fooled people to make money off the celebrity status.

The fan also shared a picture of a man dressed up like Mr. Bean, declaring him ‘Fraud Pak Bean’.

While there is not enough evidence to support the credibility of the story, the hilarious tweet has gone viral, sparking memes and plenty of laughter ahead of the World Cup match between Pakistan and Zimbabwe on 27 October.

Source: Pro Pakistan