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Young Parliamentarians Forum constitutes a Core Committee on Polio Eradication Initiative

Islamabad, October 10, 2012 (PPI-OT): Faisal Karim Kundi, Deputy Speaker, National Assembly of Pakistan announced a core committee of Young Parliamentarians Forum on polio Eradication Initiative, under his chairmanship which will oversee the polio eradication campaign. This was decided in a meeting of Young Parliamentarians Forum today at Parliament House.

Looking at the critical situation of polio in the country, members of Young Parliamentarian Forum took an initiative to monitor polio campaigns in the country, to mobilize constituents, community elders and notables of the area to raise awareness of the polio programme and to address issues of polio team and monitor the process of accountability and transparency in whole process of polio eradiation initiatives “Our aim is to wipe out the crippling disease of polio from Pakistan and for this we commit ourselves to making every possible efforts in our constituencies and in the House” said the Deputy Speaker.

The Forum also decided to move a resolution in the National Assembly impressing upon the provincial governments to reflect the surface of any polio case in the annual performance report of the Officer Incharge. It was also decided that to write letters to all the heads of the political parties for mobilization of their office barrier for polio eradication campaign.

Members of the Core Committee of the YPF will act as provincial coordinators of YPF and advocate legislators, community leaders, masses on the importance of polio awareness. To raise the awareness of polio campaigns and above than 95% coverage in polio rounds, members will work to ensure inclusion of locals and females in polio teams.

They will nominate their representatives to monitor the conduct of the campaign and address the issues. Members will visit refusal families and convince them for polio drops and dispel the negative perception about polio vaccine and polio campaigns. In doing so they will inform them that the entire Muslim Ummah including Saudi Arabia has successfully run polio campaign and wiped out the disease.

“We the representatives of the people have responsibility to ensure healthy and strong future of Pakistan and disease like polio that is eliminated from the entire world is a hindrance in the way to healthy Pakistan” said Kundi.

The International Community is monitoring our efforts and if we fail to stop the polio virus transmission, we will have to face travel restrictions. The consequences of travel restriction will also mean that we may not be able to proceed for Hajj and Ummrah to the Holy Land.

Constitution of the Core Group is based on cross party ownership and representatives of all provinces and FATA are the member of the core committee. From Islamabad Dr. Tariq Fazal Ch., From Punjab Ms. Anusha Rehman Khan, Ms. Sumera Yasir and Mir Dost Muhammad Mazari became members of the core committee. Form Sindh Dr. Shazia Marri, Dr. Nafisa Shah, Dr. Ghulam Hyder Samejo and Mr. Sufyan Yusuf are members while Dr. Zille Huma and Ms. Asiya Nasir joined the group from Balochistan.

Mr. Hameedullah Jan Afridi and Mr. Karam Khan represent FATA. Form Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mr. Noor Alam Khan, Malak Azmat Khan and Khurshid Begum constituted the group. Parliamentarians, across party line, have a consensus over the goal of Polio free Pakistan and this consensus is represented through the constitution of core committee. Highlighting the influence of Parliamentarians and political leaders, chairman of the committee pointed out that public follows political leaders therefore it’s their responsibility to lead them to the right direction. “Political will is the solution for every problems” said Faisal Karim Kundi.

Discussing the facts of polio programme it was informed there are 43 polio cases reported so far as compare to 133 cases last year in the corresponding period. There are 3 polio cases from Balochistan, 15 cases from FATA, Sindh ha 4 reported polio cases, cases form Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 3 cases from Punjab while 1 case is reported form Gilgit-Baltistan.

For the upcoming campaign scheduled to start from October 15-17, 2012 there will be 77, 168 polio teams will go house to house to vaccinate children 5,824 transit team will function on the busy market places, bus stations, airport, railway Stations and other busy routes and points to vaccinate kids on the move. In addition there are 9,679 fixed polio teams will also work in the health facilities. Vaccinators will be supervised by total of 16,750 area supervisors and 3,159 UC incharges and medical officers.
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