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Yemeni diplomat demands security

Islamabad, March 06, 2014 (PPI-OT): Dr. Abdul Rab Abu-Bakr Bingabr, the deputy head of mission in the Yemeni Embassy has asked the authorities to provide him security as he has been receiving threats from a criminal gang. He said that he has repeatedly asked Foreign Office, police and other authorities for security but to no avail while his requests for grant of an arms licence so that he can defend himself and his terrified family fell on the deaf ears.

The Yemeni foreign office has summoned Pakistani Ambassador in Sana’a to express concern about his safety and reminded him that governments are responsible for the security of foreign diplomats but nothing happened so far to allay the fears.

The criminals frequently call diplomat on his mobile and residential phone to issue serious threats. It may be mentioned that many Arab diplomats have faced problems like attacks, kidnapping attempts and family of an Ambassador had to leave country over safety concerns recently.

An official of the Yemeni Embassy when contacted confirmed the problem while requesting anonymity. He said that his country is facing terrorism but providing fool proof security to Pakistani mission in Sana’a but Islamabad has failed to reciprocate. When contacted, Dr. Abdul Rab Abu-Bakr Bingabr said that the situation is a major cause of concern and that he is disappointed by the response authorities.

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