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WRCP Trains Women Journalists’ Core Group On Conflict Sensitive Journalism

White Ribbon Campaign Pakistan (WRCP), in collaboration with the Heinrich Boll Stiftung (HBS) of Germany, organized a training workshop for women journalists under the Continued Professional Education (CPE) program here in a local hotel on March 27.

Ms. Britta Petersen, the Country Director HBS, instructed the journalists on different aspects and issues of ‘Conflict Sensitive Journalism’ like Journalism’s Unconscious Role, Reliable Journalism and Democracy, Newsroom Culture and Good Journalism. She gave insightful tips to the women journalists on how they can cope with the challenges of professional life by keeping their dignity intact.

The Chief Executive Officer of WRCP, Mr. Omer Aftab, was also present on the occasion.

Mr. Omer Aftab, addressing the participants, stated,  “There is a dire need to conduct more training workshops and ensure the implementation of what is learned from them. Media should follow research-based and gender-sensitive news reporting. Liaison and coordination between civil society organizations and media can be helpful to address women’s rights issues and create awareness among masses.”

He further said, “There is a need to develop a conducive environment to practice gender sensitive reporting. Awareness programs should be designed to change mindsets while media cels should be established in NGOs to build a solid and long-term support system.”

In the interactive training session, all the participants shared their experiences regarding conflict sensitive reporting and human rights issues.

In the core group discussion, several issues and challenges faced by women journalists came into sheer consideration. The participants gave their valuable inputs and suggestions about women rights situation in Pakistan, especially the women working in media.

Women journalists also shared their best practices, case studies, lessons learnt, issues of journalist community and professional issues at the workplace.

The ultimate goal of WRCP, a project of the Women’s Empowerment Group, is to end all forms of violence and discrimination against women by promoting an enlightened and gender-balanced approach through the active engagement of men.

WRCP in collaboration with HBS has planned to develop a core group of women working in the media and engage them in the process of dialogue via different training workshops.

At the end of the workshop, Ms. Britta and Mr. Omer Aftab distributed certificates among the participants.

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