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What’s Going on in Oslo?

OSLO, Norway, May 23, 2012/PRNewswire/ –

Oslo Maritime Week is this month’s focus for Oslo Knowledge Update [http://www.oslo.teknopol.no/MainMenu/news2/Newsletters], the new monthly showcase for life and business in Norway’s capital.

The newsletter, published by Oslo Teknopol [http://www.oslo.teknopol.no/MainMenu/news2/Newsletters ], features articles about Oslo, with different businesses and activities in the city under the spotlight each month. The May issue focuses on Oslo’s world-class maritime industry [http://www.oslo.teknopol.no/MainMenu/news2/News/Oslo-Maritime-Week-sets-sail ] to coincide with Oslo Maritime Week [http://www.omw.no ], held from May 30 to June 1.

Oslo Knowledge Update (OKU) was launched in January 2012 to tell the world what is going on in Oslo. The first issues ran stories about ICT, fisheries and oil & gas. Regular features such as The Newsstand, which digests how Oslo appears in the media, and Oslo Etc, with fun facts and the quirky side of Oslo, make the newsletter a lot of fun to read.

“The purpose is to showcase Oslo’s innovative business and research. We spice it up a bit with news about Oslo seen from the outside, fun facts, and human interest stories,” says Oslo Teknopol General Manager Fredrik Winther. Oslo Teknopol is owned by the City of Oslo and the surrounding Akershus County Council, and promotes Oslo as a location for business and research [http://www.oslo.teknopol.no/MainMenu/news2 ].

“We hope the newsletter will attract and inspire people to learn more about Oslo. There’s a lot going on in our city, and OKU is our way to tell the world,” says Winther.

Subscribe to Oslo Knowledge Update here [http://www.anpdm.com/form/414A5A457846455A4671/42425840724040504471 ].

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Source: Oslo Teknopol

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