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Weekly shut down of CNG stations: Sui Southern Gas Company releases schedule

Karachi: With the advent of winter season, natural gas demand increases considerably due to additional heating load, especially in the domestic sector. This invariably results in low pressures in the system and inconvenience to gas consumers.

To help household consumers maintain adequate gas pressures, SSGC has decided to curtail supplies to CNG stations in Karachi and Interior Sindh for two days in a week as per the following schedule:


Date Day Time Date Day Time
29-Nov-11 (2300 hrs.) Tuesday 11:00 pm 1-Dec-11 Thursday 11:00 pm (2300 hrs.)
7-Dec-11 (2300 hrs.) Wednesday 11:00 pm  8-Dec-11  Thursday 11:00 pm (2300 hrs.)
9-Dec-11 (2100 hrs.) Friday  9:00 pm 10-Dec-11 Saturday 7:00 am (0700 hrs.)
10-Dec-11 (2100 hrs.) Saturday 9:00 pm  11-Dec-11 Sunday 7:00 am (0700 hrs.)


While regretting the inconvenience caused to the CNG consumers, SSGC reiterates that the gas supply will be restored as soon as pressures normalizes and requests all its valued customers to use gas judiciously.

It must be mentioned here that SSGC had called a meeting of the CNG associations at its Head Office on November 26, 2011 to take the stakeholders into confidence over the situation arising out of the winter load and SSGC’s strategy of gas curtailment in this regard.

For more information, contact:
Inayatullah Ismail
Deputy Chief Manager
Corporate Communication Department (Media Relations)
Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC)
Tel: +9221 9902 1773
Cell: +92322 222 5159
Fax: +9221 9923 1662
Email: inayatullah@ssgc.com.pk

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