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We should Commit Ourselves to the Cause of Human Freedom, Peace, Justice and Development: Says National Assembly Speaker

Islamabad: Dr. Fehmida Mirza, Speaker National Assembly has said that Human Rights were the foundation of freedom, peace, dignity, justice and development and had no preference on each others. She expressed these views in her message on Universal Human Rights Day being commemorated tomorrow all over the world.

The Speaker that Human Rights Day is an important landmark in the history of the United Nations. She said that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the guiding force which leads every nation towards a unified goal, which is to restore the human dignity to the highest pedestals of humanism.

She said that basic objective of all the humanistic movements of the world has always been to restore human dignity and humanize the world culture. Pakistan is one of those countries who have always committed itself to the promotion and protection of Human Rights, she added.

The Speaker said that Human Rights, mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, have emanated from the basic principles of Islam. These rights are enshrined in the last address of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), on the occasion of Hujja-Tul-Wida.

The status of women and slaves was elevated to a respectful status from a downtrodden position. Islam guarantees equality with equity and prohibits discrimination on the basis of cast, creed, colour, race or religion, she said.

Dr. Fehmida Mirza said the present Government is committed to safeguarding human rights of its people and has undertaken legislative and political reforms which aim to protect the rights of women, minorities, and special people through affirmative policy action.

The Constitution of Pakistan also guarantees all forms of human freedoms to its people and the Government is bound to respond more vocally to its vulnerable and marginalized sections of society.

The Government is conscious of its International commitments and has ratified Convention Against Torture (CAT) and International Convention on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), she added.

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