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VC, proctor held responsible for Mudassir’s death

Srinagar, March 06, 2013 (PPI-OT): Hyderabad Deccan-based Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC) has held the vice chancellor and Proctor of the English and Foreign Languages University at Hyderabad Deccan responsible for the death of a Kashmiri Research scholar, Mudassir Ahmed Malla and demanded a judicial probe into the matter.

A spokesman for CLMC in a statement e-mailed to a Srinagar-based English daily, said, “We strongly condemn the role of proctor and the university administration which killed a student. We have written many times to the University Vice Chancellor to correct the management and administration.”

“As per the reports we received from our sources Mudassir Kamran succumbed to the atrocities in the hands of an insensitive and high-handed administration.

A member of the administration, Proctor Harish Vijra, responded to a scuffle between Mudassir and his friend by handing him over to the police… A police station can mean different things to different people. And as far as a Kashmiri is concerned…there is every reason that a police station would recall fears of being branded as a terrorist.”

“Stringent action should be taken against the Proctor as he is responsible for Mudassir’s death and he should be removed from the post of Proctor. Police should not be allowed to enter the campus.

The demands of the students should be fulfilled and false allegations should not be made against them to suppress them,” he added.

The spokesman said, “The act of Proctor it seems is nothing but revenge. It is also known that this is not the first time that the Proctor has shown complete absence of empathy towards the needs of students.

“After going through all the details we came to a conclusion that the university head is not acting properly and the VC is not responding to the issues instead she is repeating the same mistake as proctor did by calling police into the campus. VC has turned university into a police campus by openly instructing police to take care of the situation. We are very much aware from recent incidents how the police can take care of the protesting students,” he added.

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