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Vast room exists for Pakistan-China joint ventures in eco friendly cement Industry: Shah Faisal Afridi

Lahore, September 10, 2015 (PPI-OT):There is vast room for joint venture between Pakistan and China in eco friendly Cement Industry, as the Chinese eco-friendly cement will reduce CO2 emission to save environment in Pakistan. It was stated by president Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shah Faisal Afridi while delivering address of welcome to a three member delegation headed by Mr. Zhang Shi Li from Shandong Kaifa construction material technology Co.ltd, China. Other members were Liu Pen wei and Dr.gao gui bo.

The purpose of the visiting delegation was to introduce in Pakistan a chemically modified form of cement that would be more durable in terms of strength and would have eco-friendly impact on environment. The delegation came with a complete presentation on the need to use eco friendly cement especially in the construction of mega structures such as dams, rail lines, bridges, highways and underpasses etc.

Shah Faisal Afridi, in his address of welcome, said that “China is investing billions of dollars in Pakistan in energy, infrastructure, industry and other sectors, which was creating a lot of business activities followed by plenty of new jobs for local youth. In fact, this era of speedy economic cooperation began after the Chinese president’s recent visit to Pakistan, he said adding that China was a great friend to Pakistan and had helped it in its hour of need. Faisal Afridi assured that Haier Ruba Special economic zone would extend all assistance to Chinese Company in setting up a state-of-the-art environment-friendly cement plant in the country.

During the business discussion, PCJCCI Research and development wing presented market analysis report of the cement industry in Pakistan. According to this report the cement industry of Pakistan is lagging behind when it comes to innovation due to the sink in latest technological advancements and investments, Cement demand in any country is inextricably linked to the growth in GDP and its demand in Pakistan has increased 50% this year due to increased infrastructure development and house-building projects.

While commenting on the report Faisal Afridi said that cement industry of Pakistan is facing challenges such as increased energy costs, requirements to reduce CO2 emissions and problems of sourcing raw material of sufficient quality and quantity. He mentioned that Pakistan cement industry lags behind due to lack of technology, research and development required for the up gradation and value addition of the industrial product.“

He explicated that Research and development investments have enabled cement producers worldwide to install modern, energy-efficient technology in new, and to some extent, in existing, cement plants. New technologies have enabled increased use of clinker substitutes and alternative fuels in cement production, leading to significant direct CO2 emissions reductions.

The head of delegation Mr. Zhang Shi Li said that the push to reduce global CO2 emissions is backed by governments and corporations who understand that the present rate of release of this greenhouse gas into the atmosphere is a serious threat to future life and prosperity on the planet. He mentioned that in China Cement manufacturing is the third largest energy consuming and CO2 emitting sector, with an estimated 1.9 Gt of CO2 emissions from thermal energy consumption and production processes.

He said that With concrete being the most widely used man‐ made product in China and the largest carbon emitting industry in the world, reducing the environmental impact of production is a high priority for the Chinese government because in comparison to other industrial processes, cement production is extremely energy- and fossil fuel-intensive, making it one of the most environmentally destructive materials. Moreover, Aggregate materials like sand and stone that are mixed with cement are mined from quarries, further taxing our natural resources.

Mr. Zhang Shi Li further said that while construction activities improve the quality of human lives, they also have dangerous impact on the environment. He said that Low cost, energy efficient and eco-friendly construction technologies and building materials are often pushed as a magic potion in meeting the ever growing demand for rapid housing delivery in developing economies.

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