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United States Patent Awarded under Higher Education Commission Project Patent Filing

Islamabad: A patent, submitted by Dr. Naila Yaqoob from the Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) has been issued by the US Patent Office. Ms. Naila has been awarded US Patent entitled “Environmentally benign TCF bleaching sequences for AS/AQ wheat straw pulp” which is an outcome of a part of the research work towards her PhD thesis.

She has completed her PhD at LCWU under HEC scholarship under the supervision of Dr. Bushra Mateen, former Vice Chancellor, LCWU and co-supervisor Dr. K. J. Cheema, Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Mr. Ishtiaq-ur-Rehman, Executive Chemist and Mr. S. R. Hameed from Packages Ltd. who are also the co-workers in this patent, along with supervisor and co-supervisor.

Pakistan is a country where wheat straw is one of the major raw materials for the paper industry. Hypochlorite bleaching process is a conventional and indigenous practice to whiten the pulp. Despite the effluent treatment processes, the final discharge still poses carcinogenic threats to the surrounding ecosystem.

Her invention relates to the design of an alternative eco-friendly bleaching sequences for our indigenous species in response to the background that our “develop now and clean up later” policy will steadily leave nothing for future generations except a poor ecosystem.

The invention provides enough evidence to fill the gap between producing quality products and requirements for a healthy environment using recommended total chlorine free bleaching sequences.

The work has been carried out in collaboration with Packages Ltd (Paper and Board Mill). It is important to mention that work included in this patent was carried out in Pakistan only and HEC is a financial contributor to both PhD research work and patent processing.

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