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United States of America created militants to defeat rival ideology: President

Islamabad: President Asif Ali Zardari has reiterated that it was shared responsibility of the international community to assist Pakistan in its fight against militants as this ‘Frankenstein’ was once created by the international community to meet the objective of defeating the rival ideology.

He said Pakistan, having unequalled advantage of being aware of the on ground situation, was in a better position and was fully determined to continue fighting militants at a pace and manner that was best suited to the ground realities. We would continue with our struggle at all costs and in all circumstances, he said.

This he said during his meeting with Mr. Stephen J. Hadley, Senior Adviser for International Affairs United States Institute of Peace and former National Security Advisor, at Aiwan-e-Sadr today.

Interior Minister Mr. A. Rehman Malik, Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir and Spokesperson to the President Mr. Farhatullah Babar were also present during the meeting.

Briefing about the meeting Spokesperson Mr. Farhatullah Babar said that matters regarding war against militancy, regional situation and Pak-US relations were discussed during the meeting.

The President, during meeting, said war against terror and militant mindset was a long drawn battle. He said that every development in the ongoing struggle carries new challenges in its fold thus calling for more collaboration and consultations among the allies to deal with emerging situations.

He said that Pakistan has been at the foremost fronts to confront the forces of evil that threatened not only the writ of the state of Pakistan and posed existential threat to it but also threatened world and regional peace and stability.

He said that the people of Pakistan having realized the extent and nature of the menace never hesitated to rise up to the challenge knowing the huge cost that they were to pay fighting scourge of militant mindset.

He said that despite limited resources and institutional capacity, Pakistani nation remains committed to fight militancy and extremism even after suffering thousands of casualties and billions in economic terms. The nation, rightly expected and deserved recognition of its services by the international community, the President continued.

The President said that from the very beginning of the struggle against militants, the democratic Government pleaded before the international community, particularly its friends and allies, for adopting a holistic approach encompassing socio-economic approaches and military means where essential, to tackle the challenge of confronting militant mindset.

The President said that military means or use of force alone was not enough as deprivation, non-availability of economic opportunities coupled with injustices and lack of quality education were also factors that contributed to the growth of extremist ideology.

Discussing regional situation, the President said that Pakistan has always supported and would continue to contribute for promotion of regional peace especially in Afghanistan as we were directly affected by any development across the border. The President said that Afghan success was our success and we would continue to support Afghan government in their bid for Afghan-led and Afghan owned solution to their issues.

Discussing latest developments in Afghanistan, the President said that Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani’s assassination was a setback to the peace process and a great loss to Pakistan too. He said that we condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist attack that led to this unfortunate and tragic incident.

He expressed the hope that his martyrdom would not deter the Afghan people from their march towards finding solutions to the existing problems and towards long lasting peace.

While discussing the overall situation of Pak economy, the President said that Pakistan looks forward to its partners and allies for much needed support in important areas of energy generation, infrastructural development, water management and social and human development so as to stabilize economy that was suffering from the ongoing war toll and the natural calamities.

Mr. Mr. Stephen J. Hadley thanked the President for meeting and appreciated Pakistan efforts against militants and for promotion of regional peace and stability.

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