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Ufone launches HTC WILDFIRE S and HTC CHA CHA with a spectacular cash back offer

Karachi: Ufone being a pioneer in presenting the latest, innovative and cost-effective offerings, recently launched two extremely stylish and exceptionally affordable android smartphones HTC Wildfire S and HTC Cha Cha for its valuable customers

Ufone is offering these two handsets with a cash back offer, a first of its kind in the industry, through which the customers purchasing these handsets will receive a cash rebate after using the handset with the Ufone connection for 90 days.

These handsets are equipped with a fast operating system and boast a tasteful and elegantly designed body that is giving the competition a run for their money. HTC is not only one of the leading smartphone manufacturers globally but is also the largest hardware manufacturer of smartphones running Android Operating System.

Ufone Customers can buy HTC Cha Cha for Rs. 27,499/- and HTC Wildfire S for Rs. 24,999/- with free of cost screen protector and a stylish leather pouch. The handset will be covered in 12 months warranty provided by Brightex Distribution Pvt. limited.

Customers have to spend at least Rs. 500 per month for 3 months after opting in for this offer to become eligible to receive cash back at the end of 90 days. Eligible customers will be given cash back in form of a Bank Cheque. For HTC Cha Cha, new Ufone Customers will receive Rs. 4000/- and existing Ufone customers will receive Rs. 2000/-. For HTC Wildfire, new Ufone customers will receive Rs. 2000/- and existing Ufone customers will receive Rs. 1000/-.

The HTC Cha Cha also offers a value bundle includes 100 free on-net minutes, unlimited SMS for a month and 2 months of free GPRS usage upto 30MB.

The most distinctive design element in HTC Cha Cha is a slight angle to the body which means that one can use the keyboard and view the screen comfortably at the same time. The most prominent feature of this device is the Facebook button, which is perched beneath the keyboard emphasizing the fact that this phone is ‘The Facebook Phone’.

HTC worked closely with Facebook in developing this feature; a context-sensitive button that launches different functions of Facebook, depending on what application one is using when the key is pressed. If the user is browsing the web, the Facebook button launches the quick posting tool and copies the URL into a post to share with friends.

If the user takes a photo, the button is pressed to upload it to the user’s wall, or if the user is listening to music, the button is pressed to upload the link. Whenever there is a special use for the Facebook button, an LED light below throbs on and off, coercing the user to press it and post their activity online.

The HTC Wildfire is a budget phone in a pricier handset’s body. The handset offers many of the same software features as the previous HTC’s but for a very affordable price. The Wildfire runs the latest version of Android, 2.1, it’s packed with smart-phone features, like support for Outlook email.

HTC has also smartened the OS up even further with some handy tweaks of its own, such as adding an excellent on-screen keyboard. Sharing Android apps with friends hasn’t been easy in the past, since one can’t link to a Web-based store, and normally users have to download them straight onto the phone.

But the Wildfire sorts that issue with an App Sharer feature that lets the users easily share a link to their favourite bite-sized programs over email, text message, Twitter or Facebook.

Speaking at the launch, Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer at Ufone appreciated the development of HTC handsets and android operating systems. He said that HTC Cha Cha and HTC Wildfire S are a valuable addition to the vast array of innovative handsets being offered by Ufone.

He also stated that with the introduction of the cash back offer, Ufone has reaffirmed its commitment of providing the best services to its valued customers and redefined the company’s promise to put customers at the center of their strategy development.

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