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UAE iqama is fake and fabricated

Karachi, July 25, 2017 (PPI-OT):A fake Employment Document (bearing No.2087120/201/2011, dated: Ajman: 31-12-2011, in respect of Mr. Murad Ali Shah, Chief Minister Sindh), allegedly issued by the Ministry of Interior, Government of UAE, is being circulated/reported by the electronic, print and social media.

In this connection, it is clarified that the said document is forged and fabricated as is evident from the following facts:

1. The name shown in the said document is “Syed Murad Ali Shah”, whereas the name used by the Chief Minister Sindh in all official documents including Computerized National Identity Card, Passport, Educational Certificates/Degrees is “Murad Ali Shah”.

2. The date of birth shown in the said document is 8th Nov, 1963, whereas, the correct date of birth of the Chief Minister Sindh, Mr. Murad Ali Shah is 11th Aug, 1962.

3. The Passport number mentioned in the subject document is “AB0908456”, whereas, Mr. Murad Ali Shah, Chief Minister Sindh, has never been issued any Passport carrying this number. The Passport actually being used by Mr. Murad Ali Shah, the Chief Minister Sindh, during the year 2011 was numbered “EM5145951”.

4. The document is dated: 31st Dec, 2011, which being Saturday was a public holiday in United Arab Emirates, and as such all Government offices are supposed to be closed on holidays.

Based on the above facts, it is again clarified that subject document is fake and fabricated and its particulars are strongly denied.

For more information, contact:
Press Secretary,
Chief Minister House, Sindh
Tel: +92-21-99202019 (Ext: 336)
Website: www.cmsindh.gov.pk

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