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The Emerging Markets – Rental vs. Ownership

Currently operating in 21 countries, global real estate classifieds player Lamudi (www.lamudi.com) revealed their markets’ rent-buy-ratio. Concluding, they report a rather balanced ratio of renting and ownership. However, some countries surprisingly differ from the average. The data were determined by analysing the users’ search behaviour, when accessing the platform.

The most surprising result was found in Indonesia: 92% of the users are looking for properties or apartments to buy and moreover, 78% of Indonesians (www.lamudi.co.id) want to buy an apartment instead of renting it. The country’s neighbour, the Philippines (http://www.lamudi.com.ph) were found to be less extreme. Nevertheless, only 31% of the Filipinos request for properties or apartments to buy. Altogether, the Asian countries turn out to be more renting-focused, as the picture does not look very different in Pakistan (www.lamudi.pk), Myanmar and Bangladesh.

However, apart from Asia, there is no clear trend to define: Latin America has only a slight tendency towards renting, as 70% of the Columbian (www.lamudi.com.co) requests aim at renting. Also 70% of Rwandan (www.lamudi.rw) requests aim at renting, but altogether, the African countries neither tend to renting, nor to buying. The majority of them were found to have a mostly balanced rent-buy-ratio with no notable tendencies.

Paul Philipp Hermann, Co-Founder of Lamudi, said: “We were very surprised by the outcome of our research: Despite the fact that we knew that every single market we are in is different, we didn’t expect such a diverse range throughout Lamudi’s operating markets. By being aware of our target markets individual specifics, we are able to optimize our platform in order to meet our users’ needs and demands. ”

Whether people are looking for properties for rent or for sale, the internet platform Lamudi enables customers to easily find or sell their house, apartment, commercial property or land online. At the same time, property providers and agents get a trusted online presence through a personalized webpage.

Key characteristics of Lamudi are its diverse property offers, the intuitive website set-up and the high security standards to avoid fraud. The business platform operates under a high level of transparency through professional photos, updated listings, detailed descriptions, reports and rankings for 100% of its properties in each market. The Lamudi platform helps brokers to manage their inventory fast, easy and stress-free.

About Lamudi:
Lamudi was founded in 2013 and is currently available in Algeria, Bangladesh, Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda and in Zambia. Its real estate marketplace offers sellers, buyers, landlords and renters the ideal platform to find homes, land and commercial properties online. For more information please visit www.lamudi.com

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