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That in itself is already a miracle!

This performance of the team, Jerseys from china, see Bergkamp pitches, Slaughter, Koror stunned endless. When their team can actually kicked out so fast paced?


When after Ajax beat fast and a lot of, the Chelsea players obviously can not stand, and Ajax playing a short pass, but their overall almost approaching the ultimate fast pass for Chelsea’s defense it has a force strikingly tear.


“………… Seems bad!”


Always steady as a rock sitting in his chair on Ancelotti, this time finally stood up himself and his own team impregnable fortress-like defense, seems to be crumbling.


When the race to first half forty-four minutes, Cheap Nike jerseys, has unwittingly use on defending the whole tactics Ajax suddenly done a wonderful transfer in the frontcourt, the ball is passed quickly from the left to on the right, then on the right Guthrie into Chelsea’s big restricted area.


The entire transfer process, and never more than five seconds!


But the ball,Elilte nfl jerseys, was extremely accurate carried out a large-scale transfer, but also sent large within the restricted area of ​​Chelsea!


The defensive center originally concentrated to one’s own right-sided Chelsea only left Hou Weilai Scott a side, while his opponent to face but it is already in the frontcourt cruising a long time ……………… Lightning killer!


Originally standing near the corner of Cech, see the ball flew near the treasure house, they immediately began to shift toward the right side of the past, he ran out of the two-step, they stop down, knees kneeling on the lawn homeopathic ………………


Chelsea goal side net on the left, the ball knocked a big package …………! ! First long loud roar, cheap nhl jerseys wholesale,after the narrator’s mouth, such as collapse beans generally continuous collapsing out of a string of words: “the ball into the ball into the!


Before the end of the first half, Zhang once again staged magic, he equalized the score! He is the king of Ajax, our heroes! Hero! ………… God! I could not find a new word of praise to praise Zhang! His presence ………… That in itself is already a miracle! ‘


In fact, Cheap nfl jerseys, the treasure-house of Ajax supporters hearts, status simply no different from God, does not need a narrator to say anything.


When the treasure-house after the goal, he arms outstretched, the smile on her face slowly toward the stands excited Leonardo originally wanted a hug, and the treasure house suddenly had an idea

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