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Technologically developed nations are economic giants: Mir Changez Khan Jamali

Islamabad: The Federal Minister for Science and Technology Mir Changez Khan Jamali has chaired 1st meeting of the Board of Trusted of ECO Science Foundation in Islamabad.

“Today, the ECO has achieved another mile stone for betterment of its member states by organizing this meeting which renders the ECO Science Foundation established in Islamabad” the Minister said on the Occasion of the establishment of ECO-Science Foundation “It is obvious from the recent global developments that the nations who have paid attention to Science and have invested in Science and Technology, have become the economic giant of the world even with relatively smaller area and few natural resources the Minister recalled .

The Minister said that in the case of ECO member countries, probably not enough attention is being paid towards human resources development and capacity building of the going generation which is the future of the each country and the region as a whole keeping in view of the importance of the establishment of the ECO-SF the minister said, “we know that ministries of science and Technology and number of attached developments are working for promotion and development of Science and Technology each ECO member states, their capabilities at any level cannot be challenged but what is needed is to provide extended coordination and cooperation between and there bodies of ECO members states to beat today challenges and meet our needs for which the ECO-SF in an ideal forum.

ECO-SF is moderated in its charter to evaluate and formulate training programmes for building up highly mulled Scientific and Technical manpower at regional level.

“The official at ECO-SF Islamabad and the ECO Secretariat to initiate collaborative programs immediately, to address the priority issues like Global War Ming and Climate Change, Energy, Environment, Water, harvesting and Conservation and Reuse, Biodiversity conservation and a number of others,” the minister urged;

Among other functions of this newly established foundation are promotion of goal oriented research projects, including joint research programmes; promotion of scientific projects of economic and/or commercial value contributing to the development plans or projects of the member countries are also important role. Collaborative seminars and conferences must be organized. Keeping in view, the importance of Science education and popularization of science at grass root level Science and Technology Fairs and Travelling expos should also be arranged at regional level. Other activities like publication of ECO-SF Newsletter and strengthening of the Science and Technology libraries as well as initiation of online Science and Technology libraries may also be undertaken from the forum of ECO-SF.

It is pertinent to mention that all the member states of ECO are the signatory of this foundation, although the charter of the ECO-SF is certified only Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Moreover, in this 1st meeting of the Board of Trustee (But) of the ECO Science Foundation the delegation of Islamic republic of Iran, Turkey Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kirghizstan, UN Representation of UNESCO, and Azerbaijan have participated.

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