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Suicide bombers attack Lebanese army in Arsal camps

Beirut, (IINA) – Several Lebanese soldiers were injured when five suicide bombers blew themselves up during a raid on two Syrian refugee camps in Arsal area, on the borders with Syria on Friday.

According to a statement by Lebanese security sources, one terrorist detonated his explosive belt in front of an army patrol during a raid to search for suspected militants in Al-Noor refugee camp, killing himself and mildly injuring three soldiers.

Later on, three other suicide bombers blew themselves up without causing injuries, it said, adding that the Lebanese army had defused explosive devices planted in the area.

Meanwhile, a fifth terrorist blew himself up in a second refugee camp without causing injuries, while another militant attacked an army patrol with a grenade causing mild injuries, the statement said.

In the past months, the Lebanese army had been executing raids on refugee camps set on the edge of Arsal, where tens of thousands of Syrian refugees live in poor conditions. The raids aim to arrest suspected militants coming from Syria and hiding among refugees

Source: International Islamic News Agency

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