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SITE Industrial Area’s Telecommunication System collapsed due to criminal negligence on part of PTCL

Karachi, October 05, 2017 (PPI-OT):“PTCL’s landline telecommunication system in the largest and oldest industrial area of Pakistan – S.I.T.E. Industrial Area, which was inaugurated by the Founder of Nation Quaid-e-Azam in September, 1947, has been collapsed causing severe inconvenience to the industries to contact the foreign and local buyers and suppliers.

Due to disruption arose in the wake of non-availability of telephone and broadband internet services being provided by PTCL – a utility owned by the Government, the supply chain and production activities have been disturbed. The industries have now become fed up of complaints which previously went on deaf ears. Lethargy prevails even in the higher management of PTCL to rectify the faults. Should we call it a criminal negligence or a malafide intent to slowdown the wheels of industry which will ultimately affect the economy and exports.” This was stated by Muhammad Jawed Bilwani, President of the S.I.T.E. Association of Industry (SAI), in his statement to press and electronic media.

Bilwani expressing genuine concern over existing fragile communication system of PTCL which was established decades ago frequently goes out of order and demanded the Government to immediately revamp the infrastructure to provide uninterrupted and quality telecommunication services to the industries which are the largest taxpayers and employment generators. Telephones of large number of industries are out of order for the last six to eight months. In some cases Telephonic and other services were momentary restored which again out of order after short time span. No practical efforts have been witnessed to rectify the faults by the PTCL high-ups in Karachi.

He added that although automated complaint system which records complaints was introduced but it is not satisfactory. Automated complaints are registered but the response is very poor. Computerized calls are made several times for feedback whether the fault has been rectified or not. Instead of this the PTCL Technical Staff himself make sure whether the fault is removed or not. In case the customer’s feedback is required it can be taken while sending SMS.

President SITE Association articulated that PTCL was even charging bills for the periods when telephones were dead and other provided services were out of order which was highly unethical and unfair. Rather the industries ask PTCL to adjust the amount of bill during the period of no services, the PTCL should, on its own, adjust the said billing amounts. Responding to the repeated complaints no practical efforts were observed to rectify faults but only lip-service. He stated that even in other parts of cities including posh localities like DHA have been facing inconvenience improper and faulty services.

Jawed Bilwani urged the high-ups at the Ministry of Telecommunication and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to take instant cognizance of the situation and criminal negligence on the part of PTCL officials and technical staff to rectify faults and intervene to restore and provide uninterrupted and quality telecommunication services in the S.I.T.E. industrial area on urgent basis.

For more information, contact:
Secretary General
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