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Silk City Wujiang Promoted Qipao Town in Beijing

BEIJING, China, Aug. 8, 2016 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– China Wujiang Qipao Town promotion conference and press conference of International Architecture Design Competition sponsored by Wujiang District Government and organized by Wujiang Taihu Lake New City Administrative Committee and Wujiang East Taihu Lake Eco-tourism Resort Administrative Committee was held successfully in Beijing on August 3. With the theme of carrying forward the traditional culture and inheriting the craftsmanship, this conference has sent invitations to outstanding architects home and abroad for the designing of the core buildings in the Qipao Town in the purpose of selecting excellent designs combining Qipao elements with contemporary architectural features.

Qipao Town is located in the center of the downtown area of Wujiang, which has produced many famous silk craft masters, including Fei Dasheng, “Mother of Silk”, Qian Xiaoping, inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage of the Song brocade and Zhu Hongsheng, “Walking Dictionary of Shanghai School of Qipao”. Silk textile production has become the leading industry in Wujiang with the production capacity of hundreds of billions Yuan. Its silk products exports account for 1/6 of the national total.

Thanks to Wujiang’s developed industrial hinterland and profound cultural heritage, Qipao Town is committed to carrying forward the traditional culture and inheriting the craftsmanship. In the future, it will be built into a cultural town with the theme of Qipao culture, industrial town of inheriting craftsmanship and tourist town with the picturesque South Yangtze River landscape and the brilliant vision of “Qipao is the best representative of the Chinese costumes over the past thousands of years, Wujiang is the best representative of the inheritance of Qipao” will be realized.

The dream of Qipao Town attracts the attention of fashion leaders. As the first Chinese fashion designer presented in the Paris Haute Couture Week, Lawrence Xu designed series of classical masterpieces including “Oriental Auspicious Cloud” dragon robe dress for Fan Bingbing. From his point of view, with five thousand years’ splendid civilization, Qipao is the representative of Chinese costume with the oriental beauty. Qipao Town will achieve success by making innovations on the basis of absorbing essence from Chinese classics.

This design competition has invited the bidding for the core projects like Qipao Museum, Qipao themed hotels, Qipao Research Institute, Lady’s College, Qipao outdoor show area and so on. The whole competition with the process of application, file receiving, assessment and conclusion will last from August to the end of 2016. Participants can register on the official website of Qipao Town(http://www.townqipao.com/). Authoritative experts in China are invited to participate in the assessment process with Zhou Chang (Secretary General of the China Association of Architecture) as Chairman of the judging panel. One First Prize, two Second Prizes, and three Third Prizes will be selected. They will be awarded with bonus and chances to participate in the construction of the town.

Source: Xinhuanet.com

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