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Sharmila warns private schools to stop charging June-July fee

Karachi: Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Media, Sharmila Farooqui, on Monday warned private schools in the metropolis to stop charging fee of coming June-July months falling in summer vacation, otherwise stern action would be taken against them. Many private schools in Karachi city have started collecting fee for summer vacation months (June and July) in advance, which was sheer violation of rules, she stated while taking notice of newspaper reports in this regard. “There is no justification to collect fee of two vacation months.”

The advisor said: “No government school charges such fee, hence, private institutions should also not charge it. The present government is committed to stamp out all illegal practices of private schools, including charging of illegal fees, paying low salaries to teachers and providing low quality education.”

She said no one would be allowed to ruin education system, therefore, stern actions would be taken against those private schools degrading education system.

Farooqui said: “It has been noticed that many private schools were paying Rs2000 to 3000 per month salary to teachers despite government has fixed minimum salary of Rs7000 per month. Quality education is must to drive Pakistan forward, adding no compromise on it will be made.”

The advisor asked media to come up with concrete measures and join hand with the government to root out illegal practices of private schools so that standard of education system could be boosted and club of developed nation joined.

She said: “Our government has introduced the labour policy under which monthly minimum salary has been raised from Rs6000 to Rs7000 per month but it is not being implemented by private schools. It has also been noticed that poor women are being hired in private schools at low salary, which is a great injustice.”

She said the government was striving hard to meet the international labour standards to promote women so that they could also earn decent wages with fringe benefits like men. She said the government was moving forward with positive and social thinking by eliminating the bitter thoughts of the past.

“It is the main slogans of PPP to provide bread, clothing and housing to people at all costs, she asserted. The PPP is a pro-workers party and is implementing the concept of Islamic socialism enunciated by its founder leader Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto,” she concluded.

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