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Seminar on World Breast Cancer Day held at Punjab University

Lahore: Punjab University Institute of Business and Information Technology (IBIT) in collaboration with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, on the eve of World Breast Cancer Day, organized an awareness seminar here on Thursday. Renowned actress Sania Saeed, Dr Amina Khan, Naila Khan, Sadia Ajmal, Masroor Lodhi and a large number of female students were present on the occasion.

Addressing the participants, Dr Amina Khan said breast cancer was not untouchable disease and we must love the females instead of hating the ladies having breast cancer. She asked the women to get regular checkup of themselves to avoid the disease. She said according to a research, those women who feed their siblings have less chances of breast cancer than those who don’t.

She said breast cancer was a silent killer, therefore, female students must play their role and promote awareness among the women to avoid it. Women should make them habitual of daily exercise and should avoid all types of drugs.

She said chances of breast cancer increase during pregnancy so women should take proper diet and get checkup regularly from the doctor. She said women below the age of 40 should carry out regular self-examination and those over 40 should undergo regular screening mammography.

Sania Saeed said it was fortunate that women had been playing their role in education and other fields as well. She asked the women to know more and more about themselves and take care of their health.

She said the negative thinking in the society can only be curbed with the promotion of education.

Naila Khan said breast cancer was the most common cancer in women worldwide and Pakistan had one of the highest incidences of breast cancer in Asia. The best way to fight this cancer is to detect it early and start appropriate treatment along with promoting awareness among women.

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