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Seminar, exhibition Humans without human rights and lawless law held in UK

Sheffield, December 17, 2012 (PPI-OT): Kashmir Centre London along with other sponsors, GMB Trade Union, Thompson Solicitors and ILM News organised a seminar and exhibition “Humans without human rights and lawless law” in Sheffield Town Hall. Councillor Mohammad Maroof chaired the event while Paul Blomfield, MP for Sheffield Central Constituency, inaugurated the exhibition.

The Executive Director of Kashmir Centre London, Professor Nazir Ahmed Shawl in his introductory remarks said that the purpose of the function was to highlight the reality that in spite of declaration of human rights there were nations who continued to remain deprived of their human rights, freedom, justice and self-determination.

The Chairman of Kashmir Centre Brussels, Barrister Abdul Majeed Tramboo in his address highlighted the massive human rights violations in occupied Kashmir by Indian troops. On the occasion, Paul Blomfield, MP, referred to the long denial of self-determination to the people of Jammu and Kashmir by India and later on speaking at the seminar said that international pressure was very important for Kashmir resolution.

He referred to the great tradition that Sheffield has had in strengthening the solidarity movement of the oppressed people. He also lamented that no practical measures were taken to redeem the people of Kashmir their right to self-determination. He called this attitude as unjust and declared that the solution to the Kashmir dispute was to ascertain the aspirations of the people of Kashmir.

Clive Betts, MP, said that there were problems in the world connected with the territorial disputes. He said that the Kashmiris had the right to decide their future through referendum. If Britain can allow the people of Scotland a right to self-determination why not the right be granted to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. He also said that the international community should help in the process.

Linda McAvan, MEP, extolled the key question that has to be debated is what is the way forward. Kashmir needs a peaceful resolution and we must accept that we failed to make an issue of urgency. She said Cathy Ashton of the European Union is concerned about Kashmir. It is very important that Pakistan and India must have a dialogue to find out the roots to the conflict resolution in Kashmir.

David Bowe, former MEP, recalling his earlier visit to occupied Kashmir, called it a place under siege of 100,000 troops. He pleaded for right to self-determination for the Kashmiris. The international community should not ignore the presence of half widows who are wives of the disappeared persons and the issue of mass graves, he added.

Maxine Bowler described the occupation of Kashmir by India as the most brutal act. She said that atrocities unleashed by India in Kashmir were far worse than Abu Ghraib. She appealed to the world community and to support the Kashmiris’ right to self-determination.

Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed from the University of Oxford referred to the Indian state governance of Kashmir, which is based on the use of discipline and death as techniques of social control. The domestication of Kashmiri people through the military presence, surveillance, punishment and fear is rampant. Death is disbursed to extra judicial means and invoking the draconian laws.

Raja Mohammed Ayub, President of the Advisory Council of Kashmir Centre London, called for cooperation in the signature campaign. He appreciated the efforts of Councillor Mohammad Maroof for hosting the event and making it a success.

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