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Security Council extends mandate of Expert Panel Monitoring Sanctions in Sudan’s Darfur

New York (IINA) � Sudan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Omer Dahab Fadl said Security Council Resolution 1591 (2005) that imposes sanctions on Sudan, was adopted a dozen years ago, a long period during which the situation in the country had seen a significant improvement, especially in Darfur.

On Wednesday, the 15-member body unanimously adopted resolution 2340 (2017) extending the mandate of the Panel of Experts charged with monitoring sanctions in Darfur until 12 March 2018.

Ambassador Fadl said the text reflected the security, humanitarian and political situation in Darfur because it noted that the conflict in Darfur had subsided everywhere except in one region, a development that should inspire the lifting of sanctions and departure of the Mission. Indeed, there had been gradual improvements in Darfur over the years, a point that the Council had recognized.

As such, the Sudanese diplomat urged the Council to avoid condemnations, as well as mention of issues that had nothing to do with reality on the ground. He said that, during the 2016 period under review, Sudan had issued a national action plan to address children in armed conflict and the recruitment of child soldiers. The plan sought to compliment the peace process in Darfur.

Fadl expressed hope that the Council and the General Assembly, as well as the entire Secretariat, would make every effort to defend the 2011 Darfur Peace Agreement. The Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) was among the most important on the internal conflict, he said, and the peace process should not be obstructed by a single party. Those preventing peace must be punished and held accountable, he demanded.

Source: International Islamic News Agency (IINA)

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