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Scientific linkages should be increased with Iran: Punjab University Vice-Chancellor

Lahore: Iranian Counsel General Muhammad Hussain Bani Asadi and Commercial Counsellor Mehdi Kardoust visited the Punjab University and held a meeting with Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran, deans of various faculties and administrative officials in the Al-Raazi Hall of Centre for Undergraduate Studies here on Tuesday.

Speaking on the occasion, VC Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran said that Punjab University enjoyed deep language and literature ties with Iran, however, there was also much capacity of enhancing scientific linkages between the two countries.

He said research on modern knowledge aspects was being carried out in Iranian institutes and Pakistani institutes could benefit from their outputs. A meeting of academic heads of both the countries will help know issues on which more cooperation could be promoted. Dr Mujahid Kamran said there was much talent in Pakistan; the only need was to provide a patronage to this talent.

He said Pakistan came after Turkey, Iran, Egypt and Malaysia in terms of research. He said a mutual conference would be organized in January or February which will provide a platform to researchers of two brethren countries.

Iranian Counsel General Muhammad Hussain Bani Asadi said Pakistan and Iran had been carrying out projects on energy and gas. In first project, 70MW electricity was being provided to Turbat, in second, 100MW electricity would be provided to Gawadar for which paper work had been completed and the project would be completed in 20 weeks.

In third project, work is underway to provide 1000MW electricity to Quetta. He said there were deep literary relations between Pakistan and Iran and we should promote literature of Iqbal, Ghalib and Hafiz among the youth of two countries and universities should organize seminars and conferences in this regard.

We could lower political tensions in this way, he added. He expressed his pleasure that Iranian students had been studying at the Punjab University.

Mehdi Kardoust said he had received multiple suggestions to promote trade ties between the two countries during his one and half month visit to Pakistan. He said the two countries had two problems in economic linkages due to which there was lack of trade ties. First, there was lack of transport resources and other was lack of cooperation among the banks of two countries.

He said Pakistan and Iran had the capacity to decrease each others’ problems. He said the first preference of Iran was the promote trade with Muslim countries and the Iranian President had decided to import meat from Pakistan which had been imported from other countries. He said issues in every walk of life in two countries could be solved if we promote trade and economic linkages and teachers and researchers could help us in this regard.

Advisor to Vice-Chancellor Col. (R) Ikramullah said today’s meeting would be a milestone and historic. He said unfortunately Muslim countries could not utilize their powers. We talk about literary revolution and new morning at university level and when we could bring revolution in the world if we collect our literary power, which would be dangerous to our enemies.

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